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Hire the perfect DJ for your Luxurious London Wedding

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Shakespeare said “if music be the food of love, play on” and nothing is as true as at a wedding. The music that you choose becomes an integral part of the day almost a backdrop to the whole occasion. From the string quartet that announces your entrance, to the hired DJ or band chosen to play at the reception getting the music right is essential.

The first thing to remember when it comes to hiring in London is experience so enquire how many weddings they have performed at. A good DJ probably has a website where previous clients have left feedback. They should be able to guess the mood of the room and play songs suitable for the bridal party and her guests. There should be a light atmosphere with a playlist including a variety of songs in order to keep the event fresh and enjoyable.

At Greek Concierge we believe the chosen DJ or band should be friendly, approachable and ready to mingle with the guests. Requests for songs that have special memories for the bridal party should always be honoured. Meet your chosen DJ ahead of time to gauge what kind of person they are as a good attitude and adaptability are essential for a wedding performer. If a piece of music is required that is not common or a cultural departure from the usual repertoire be sure they receive a copy in advance, or enough time to track it down. If you cannot meet them before the wedding ask to see feedback or videos from previous clients.

Cost can vary in London for DJs. Many professional companies can also provide an extra lighting rig and microphones for the speeches, reputable DJs also bring extra equipment with them so if something does happen don’t panic; the chances are they have a back up.

Remember as with every other service you have obtained it is a business agreement. Professionals will have a contract that you should sign no less than two months before the wedding. This contract outlines what you expect of them on the day itself such as the fee, the time slot agreed and the venue address. You do not want anyone getting lost on the day! If you require any extras these should also be listed.

We all know that an elegant wedding takes time and preparation. So don’t allow the stress and hassle of planning the perfect day to get to you. Let the team at Greek Concierge, take care of every little detail whilst you concentrate on creating those special memories.

Hiring the perfect DJ to satisfy any musical taste is simple with us.

Contact us at and we will take care of this important element together with any other services you might require.



The classic & timeless RedBlack Wedding Theme

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Here is our first wedding decor inspiration board! With Valentines day coming up  in a month, I cannot be distracted from the idea of a truely spectacular romantic wedding, and for me I envisgaed the classic Red & Black theme. It’s a popular choice for the sophisticated couple and it really highlights a mature elegance & beauty.

Some may think it’s a typical choice of theme but it really isn’t as many people fear it’s intensity as well as it’s darkness. It really does represent a deep passion as well hinting at a dark vintage style.

You can take the Red&Black theme and truely make it however you wish, whether it’s subtly placed within your flowers/accessories or whether you take the strong dedication to keeping it a throughout theme with all stationary, flowers, decorations & bridesmaids/groomsmen aheering to it.

I recently watched a video on Elysium productions blog where the couple followed a Redblack theme and it just oozed classic elegance & class! I adored it!

For a Redblack themed wedding I envisage, candles, black and red silk drapes, red brides maids, red roses, petals… just opulance!

Images taken from Pin interest

Stationary by Emma Jo

Unique & beautiful wedding accessories & decorations to delight your guests with

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Couples are becoming to realise how their wedding can be unique avoiding the run of the mill stereotypes and here at GCweddings we know decorations play an exciting role in this! We’ve collated a load of different decoration ideas for you to ponder over and get inspired as well as getting those creative juices flowing!

Forget flowers for a moment here, we’re talking about everything else! Here are some inspirational images

(from top left to right)

How about water & fire.. The idea of candles combined with water, floating is a very romantic and seductive decoration! It sets the mood with the candles and an added softness with the water.

I adore the idea of having a ‘wedding drink’ and the next image shows specially made straws! What a cute way of keeping a theme!

Feathers mixed with flowers is a gorgeous way to add something extra to your displays and creates a boutique feeling

Now this isn’t for everyone but paperchains & thin tinsel! This just shows how elegant simple decorations can be, and if that’s what represents you and your partner then don’t be afraid to do it! There is no pressure into having an over the top, bling-bling decor!

Think of different vases for your flowers (discussed in previous post link)

How about books? If you and your partner are big readers then adapt these into your decorations! You can apply this to any hobby that you and your partner share!

Get your ideas flowing by writing down hobbies, colours & things you and your partner both love and from there on you can create a wedding which truly represents you or psst just tell your planner and we’ll do all the hard work ;)

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