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Styling the Bridesmaids

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The once dreaded line of “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” no longer needs to place fear into the lives of young, single women.  The idea of wearing an over-frilly bo-peep costume or modelling a lemon meringue puff-ball might be romanticised in Katherine Heigl’s “27 dresses”, but it is a legitimate nightmare for real-life women. Long gone is the notion of making your bridesmaids look ghastly in order to enhance your own natural beauty.

As your closest friends, your bridesmaids reflect who you are and the choices you have made and as such, you want them to look just as gorgeous as you – well, almost! We’re here to help you find new, innovative ways in which you and your bridesmaids can express your friendship with unique stylish flare.  Of course, it’s not just about the dress; whether it be a custom designed piece of jewellery or an original accessory, allow us to complete your bridesmaids’ outfit and give them a look that complements the bride by exploring stunning personalised accessories.

If your girl group is that of Carrie’s in ‘Sex in the City’, what better way to celebrate the foundations of friendship than with bespoke personalised stilettos? From Jimmy Choos and Monolo Blaniks to Vivienne Westwood, give the girls in your life something to treasure forever by personalising their beautiful shoes with their names, initials or favourite romantic quotes.


Weddings are full of symbolism and it’s often that extra personal touch that gives your day the magical je ne sais quoi.  Allow your bridesmaids to say something special about your friendship by designing their own brooch to be pinned to their bouquet. It can be a colour that represents you, a quote that is fitting or maybe a symbol of where you first met. Let it be their special gift to you and when the day is over, you can either place them all in a keepsake box to pass on to your daughter or you can be safe in the knowledge that your best friends will think of you every time they wear it.  Designing and making your brooches together using pretty pearls and crystals could allow for some quality time with your favourite girls.  They will make beautiful accessories for your bouquets on the big day.



It’s always nice to give your bridesmaids a gift on your special day to show them how much they mean to you.  Jewellery is always a beautiful option as it is something they can wear on the day that will complement their bridesmaid dresses but they can also wear it after the wedding day.  Personalising jewellery can make it even more special.  Below are some stunning options.


Written by: Kirsty Canning

Edited by: Laura Nikita Mitchell


Stunning Spring Wedding Ideas

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Spring is fast approaching and as it is commonly the most popular of all seasons for weddings, I have decided to explore some stunning colour theme ideas to get you inspired. The pastel coloured theme is perfect for this season. Beautiful colours such as lilac, peach, soft apricot, peppermint, bluebell and lots of fabulous floral can be used to ensure your wedding is as romantic as possible. These colours could be used for flowers, decorations and bridesmaid dresses to ensure your ceremony is looking as lovely and lavish as possible. Here are some pictures I picked out to show you how pastels could potentially be perfect for your special day.


Above: The elegant ideas shown above indicate how gorgeous spring greens can be for a wedding. The potted plants and flowers show how well flowers can be used for table decoration.  Keeping in touch with the spring theme, you can gain a garden feel by using wooden flower pots and candle holders which look beautiful when combined with stunning flowers. How about trying something unique like the beautiful flowers suspended in glass bottles as shown in the first picture?


Above: Peach and pink hues are quite clearly the epitome of love and romance when it comes to weddings. They fit so perfectly into the spring theme and by combining them with beautiful cream colours your wedding will poses a tranquil elegance. Tulips come in to season in early spring and as you can see from the picture top right they look exquisite in a bouquet. The use of candles also emphasises the romantic spring theme and twinkly lights can be used for this as well.

What is important is that your day is as special and heavenly as it could possibly be. I personally absolutely adore the colours of spring as they place emphasis on the romance of your wedding day. You could also take advantage of some of the beautiful flowers which are in season at this time too, such as: Hyacinths, snowdrops, iris’ and cherry blossom.

These little touches will enchant your guests and create a beautiful backdrop for your spring wedding!

All images taken from Pinterest


Written by: Augusta Henning


Edited by: Laura Nikita Mitchell






Luxurious Honeymoon destinations of the world

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Luxurious Honeymoon destinations of the world

“Paradise is always where love dwells”– Jean Paul Richter

Your honeymoon should be one of the most romantic and memorable adventures of your life.  It’s a once in a lifetime trip, something you’ll always remember, something that you’ll tell your children about in years to come.

In recent years the honeymoon has evolved from the conventional beach holiday; they are now as wide ranging and unique as the couple wish them to be.  In this article I will explore a variety of the most beautiful and diverse honeymoon destinations of the world, to help you choose the type of experience you wish to have with your future husband or wife as you venture into your first few weeks of married life together.

I am going to explore a few exciting and enchanting ideas to get you thinking about what you want from your honeymoon, starting with the traditional beach honeymoon and then exploring some more original ideas.

Beach Honeymoon

We will start with one of the most popular and traditional honeymoon destinations in the world:

The Maldives

The Maldives is a collection of tiny ‘white sand’ Islands scattered in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.  It’s a tropical paradise, palm tree’s line sapphire waters which gently lap onto powdery white sand, its perfection is dream-like.


Honeymoon extras: As a welcome token almost all Maldives resorts offer honeymooners flower decorated rooms, beds scattered with rose petals and lavish fruit platters on arrival.  They often arrange romantic candlelit dinners on the beach and champagne breakfasts served in the privacy of your own room.   All these little romantic extras really make this a once in a lifetime experience and understandably a very popular honeymoon destination.  It is guaranteed to give you memories that will last a life time!


 Accommodation: There are many options for accommodation on the islands and you can’t really go wrong as they are all stunning with a beautiful ocean view.   The water bungalows are incredible. Built over the ocean, some have their own private jacuzzis with glass bottoms in which you can sit and relax with your partner, gazing out at the stunning views, watching the tropical fish swim beneath you.



 Activities: The Maldives is an idyllic place to have a relaxed and carefree honeymoon.  It’s a place you can be alone with each other and spend quality time relaxing in crystal waters, snorkelling with the tropical fish, visiting the islands Spa’s and feasting on luxury cuisine on the beach or in the world’s first underwater restaurant.

If you’re looking for romantic tranquillity, white sandy beaches, spas, snorkelling, and luxury cuisine this honeymoon is for you!

Alternative beach honeymoon destinations: Bora Bora, Seychelles, Mauritius and Barbados.



Safari Honeymoon

If you and you’re partner are keen on adventure and want a holiday to remember a safari is a wonderful honeymoon option filled with exhilarating experiences and wild encounters.

Kenya is an ideal option; the plains of the Masai Mara reserve in Kenya are alive with Zebras, elephants, Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs and Wildebeest.

Accommodation: If you want an intimate and peaceful setting at the heart of the action the Naibor or Saruni Samburu camps are both ideal options.  Naibor is a spacious and stylish safari camp, overlooking the meandering Talek River in the stunning Masai Mara Reserve, it has spacious cream canvas tents with lavish king sized beds and private verandas with spectacular views of the reserve.  The Saruni is a similar resort but has a swimming pool and Spa with luxury treatments. The food and service is superb at both camps and the guides are friendly and knowledgeable.

Activities: As well as many exciting safari options there is also the chance to take flight in a romantic hot air balloon ride at sunrise.  The balloon will take you over the vast landscapes of the African planes to watch the animals bask in the orange glow of the morning sun; this is a truly breathtaking experience.

Honeymoon extras:  You will be greeted at your camp by a romantic cosy camp fire and a glass of fine wine.  Later you will have the option to dine at the exquisite banquet table or opt for the more personal romantic meal for two under the stars.  The camps offer hot air balloon rides at sunrise and there is the option of a private hot air balloon for newlyweds.


This is the perfect honeymoon for couple’s who love wildlife and the great outdoors and want to embark on an exciting adventure together!

Alternative Safari Honeymoon destinations: Zambia, Borneo, Tanzania, South Africa.



Adventure Honeymoon

This is an option for the really adventurous couple, who like variety and exploring.

Brazil: From vibrant Rio’s samba beats and Ipanema’s golden beaches, from the power of Iguazu falls to the vast and exotic jungles of the Amazon, Brazil’s diversity makes it an amazing place for a memorable and different honeymoon adventure.

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by Laura Mitchell)              (Iguazu Falls, Brazil by Laura Mitchell)


 Accommodation:  For a bit of luxury, I would recommend the Copacabana Palace, a lavish hotel with a swimming pool right in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, they have some stunning honeymoon sweets and it’s just a short walk one of Rios most famous beaches.  For a more exclusive break try the Ponta dos Ganchos exclusive resort.  This resort is set on a beautiful coastline where the Atlantic rainforest meets Brazils striking south coast.

Activities:  There is no end to the possibilities in Brazil; you can take a cable car to the top of sugar loaf mountain and watch the sun go down over the beautiful city of Rio as you sip on Caipirinhas, travel to the Ilha Grande and trek to waterfalls and stunning surf beaches, then eat fresh barbequed fish on white sandy beaches by candlelight.  You could venture to the powerful Iguazu falls and take a boat ride under the cascading waters then trek through the Amazon rainforests spotting monkeys, toucans, alligators and pink dolphins.  Relax on the beautiful beaches of Ipanema and dance the night away to Samba beats in the fashionable samba bars of Lapa.

Honeymoon extras:  Romance is alive in Brazil; take a private samba lesson, watch the sun set over Rio, rent out a private boat and sail around the Brazilian coastline, eat in beautiful restaurants and sip Caipirinihas in stylish bars overlooking some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.


 Alternative destinations for Adventure/Cultural Honeymoons: India, Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Argentina.


I hope you have been inspired by some of the places we have explored in today’s blog.  They are, in my opinion, some of the most beautiful and diverse places to honeymoon in the world.  I wish you a fantastic honeymoon, wherever you choose to go!

Laura Nikita Mitchell.

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