There are so many ways to style your bridesmaids! There are a horrible connotation with the ‘bridesmaid’ and the horrible dresses! Don’t let your closest friends fall into this stereotype. You want your them to look as stunning as they possibly can as they’ll be on show all the time, rushing around helping you and your guests.

Here’s a post to give you a bit of inspiration into what style you want to go for with your ladies :

1. Similar toned dresses, but all different. This is a lovely way of keeping each bridesmaids individuality as well as keeping in with your wedding colour scheme! This allows your girls to have a lot more choice and say in what they wear whilst still keeping true to your personal taste!

2. Patterns! This is a definite different style for your bridesmaids. Most bride’s keep their maids to one colour, but here we have a pattern & coloured hems and it looks great! So, don’t stick to one solid colour if you don’t want to!

3. The Maxi dress. Now this, for me, is possibly the most romantic & elegant choice you can go for with your bridesmaids. It’s also very flattering to most body shapes so it’s a great choice!

4. The short dress! Whether it’s below or above the knee, the shorter dress is a lot more of a girlie style for your maids! Brilliant choice if your wedding is more of a girlie & young themed.
5. The alternating bridesmaid. Now how amazing is this idea, whether it’s their shoes, dresses, accessories or even tights you can have alternating maids which represent a number of different colours. Just remember to keep one main factor of the outfit matching, then they will all work together.

You can go absolutely wild with your colours and dress styles or keep it as simple & elegant as you want! It’s all your choice, but keep your maids personal styles in mind.