Now that you’ve found that perfect gown, it’s time to focus on what dresses the members of your bridal party will be donning on your special day. When most of us think of the traditional gowns worn by bridesmaids, images of flamboyant and obnoxious grotesque masses of dreadful colored fabric in unflattering styles. However, with the change in wedding attire, bridal gowns, as well as bridesmaids’ dresses, are getting a new look. Wedding gown designers are creating gowns that are sensible, yet elegant, and today’s bridesmaids’ dresses are bold, original pieces that are fashionable, yet simple enough to wear long after the wedding is over.

Some hot fashion trends in bridesmaid dresses consist of girly frills like ruffles, dainty lace, and elegant silhouettes, which match perfectly with 2013’s bridal gown designs. Bridesmaids’ dresses are also being updated in rich colours like mellow, soft tones, making them ideal for a wedding taking place in the summer or early fall.

Dainty Dresses

Darling, effeminate elements have been added to bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses. This bridal season, expect to see eye-catching adornments such as lace, beading, shear material, and other dainty embellishments. Bridal apparel designers have also added to the feminine factor, by using soft tones, such as light pinks, pale yellows, and even subtle greys. Designers have incorporated ruffles to their bridesmaid dresses with flirtatious frills at the hem or bustline of bridesmaid gowns.

Not only are these dresses available in delicate details and mild hues, which is quintessential for the summer bridesmaid, but the lightweight fabrics used to make these dresses match perfectly with the colours and details that are currently popular with contemporary bridal parties. What’s more, these simple dresses are available from a bevy of retailers, including M&S.

Striking Silhouettes

Because the shape and cut of any garment is important to its fit, it’s important to find bridesmaids’ gowns that look good and flatter all members of your bridal party. Fortunately, contemporary bridesmaids’ dresses are being made in a variety of cuts and shapes that suit every member of the bridal party. If you have shapely, curvaceous bridesmaids, opt for styles in silhouettes that complement any body type. If you prefer that all your bridesmaids don matching dresses in colour and style, A-line dresses are an excellent choice because they are versatile and flatter nearly any body type, and, unlike many other dress styles, the fabric used for A-line gowns can vary from light fabrics, such as loosely draped chiffon, to heavier fabrics like organza, which gives the dress definition.

For the bustier ladies in your bridal party, A-line dresses with a sweetheart neckline are a brilliant fit and don’t show off too much of the chest area. Bridesmaid gowns with empire waists also look attractive on women of any sizes, and the cut of the neckline can either amplify or minimize the bustline. Most importantly, this style is comfy and relaxed and can be worn at other formal occasions.