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Summer Bridal Party Attire

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Now that you’ve found that perfect gown, it’s time to focus on what dresses the members of your bridal party will be donning on your special day. When most of us think of the traditional gowns worn by bridesmaids, images of flamboyant and obnoxious grotesque masses of dreadful colored fabric in unflattering styles. However, with the change in wedding attire, bridal gowns, as well as bridesmaids’ dresses, are getting a new look. Wedding gown designers are creating gowns that are sensible, yet elegant, and today’s bridesmaids’ dresses are bold, original pieces that are fashionable, yet simple enough to wear long after the wedding is over.

Some hot fashion trends in bridesmaid dresses consist of girly frills like ruffles, dainty lace, and elegant silhouettes, which match perfectly with 2013’s bridal gown designs. Bridesmaids’ dresses are also being updated in rich colours like mellow, soft tones, making them ideal for a wedding taking place in the summer or early fall.

Dainty Dresses

Darling, effeminate elements have been added to bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses. This bridal season, expect to see eye-catching adornments such as lace, beading, shear material, and other dainty embellishments. Bridal apparel designers have also added to the feminine factor, by using soft tones, such as light pinks, pale yellows, and even subtle greys. Designers have incorporated ruffles to their bridesmaid dresses with flirtatious frills at the hem or bustline of bridesmaid gowns.

Not only are these dresses available in delicate details and mild hues, which is quintessential for the summer bridesmaid, but the lightweight fabrics used to make these dresses match perfectly with the colours and details that are currently popular with contemporary bridal parties. What’s more, these simple dresses are available from a bevy of retailers, including M&S.

Striking Silhouettes

Because the shape and cut of any garment is important to its fit, it’s important to find bridesmaids’ gowns that look good and flatter all members of your bridal party. Fortunately, contemporary bridesmaids’ dresses are being made in a variety of cuts and shapes that suit every member of the bridal party. If you have shapely, curvaceous bridesmaids, opt for styles in silhouettes that complement any body type. If you prefer that all your bridesmaids don matching dresses in colour and style, A-line dresses are an excellent choice because they are versatile and flatter nearly any body type, and, unlike many other dress styles, the fabric used for A-line gowns can vary from light fabrics, such as loosely draped chiffon, to heavier fabrics like organza, which gives the dress definition.

For the bustier ladies in your bridal party, A-line dresses with a sweetheart neckline are a brilliant fit and don’t show off too much of the chest area. Bridesmaid gowns with empire waists also look attractive on women of any sizes, and the cut of the neckline can either amplify or minimize the bustline. Most importantly, this style is comfy and relaxed and can be worn at other formal occasions.

It’s a nice day for a White Wedding

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Today’s article will focus on the simple yet elegant white wedding theme.  Traditional white wedding dresses symbolise the purity and innocence of the bride.  Some brides prefer to be the only one wearing white on their big day however more and more people are opting for white bridesmaid dresses as they look elegant, sophisticated and work well alongside the bride.  White bridesmaid dresses are often made in a simple style or fabric so that the brides wedding dress still stands out on her big day.




The white theme is becoming more popular due to its simplicity and elegance.  Choosing a white theme means you wont have to worry about picking a complimentary colour pallet for you wedding.  There are many beautiful white flower options to choose from such as: roses, lilies, orchids, hydrangeas, dahlias, daisies and tulips.  These pretty flowers can be used in your bouquet and intertwined in your hair to create a natural flower fairy look.  You could scatter white petals down the isle and decorate your venue and table settings with elegant displays of gorgeous lilies or dramatic orchids.  The wedding cake could be simple plain white or you could add texture using white piping, pearls, ribbon or fresh flowers.


The bride and bridesmaids could both have white shoes and matching pearl jewellery and the bride could add a white veil and matching garter.  The groom and groomsmen could match the bridal party by opting for white waistcoats, ties or cravats or even white suits.


If you choose a white themed wedding I hope you have a fabulous day!


Written by: Laura Nikita Mitchell

Blushing Bridesmaid

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Brides are sometimes tentative about asking expecting mothers to be their bridesmaids as it seems that an ever growing baby may cause too many problems for dress alterations. To enable you to think more about the friendship you have rather than the restriction of dress, here at Greek Concierge, we have found three top celebrity solutions so your bridesmaid can embrace her baby bump and be part of your special day.

Bohemian Chic


Following in the footsteps of Sienna Miller and Joss Stone, a long, flowing gown such as a maxi dress will not only look elegant on all bridesmaids but the fluidity of the material will give mother and baby plenty of room. This is a very sophisticated statement look for any season.


The Marilyn Monroe 


The Halter-neck and ¾ length billow skirt will give your bridesmaid that classic Marilyn Monroe look, even if the dress isn’t in white. This is the perfect style to show off slender arms and gorgeous legs, highlighting the slimmest part of their figure. Add some curls, red lipstick and 50’s glamour and every mother-to-be will look like a Hollywood star.




Audrey Hepburn 

Why go for one Hollywood icon when you can have two? For a classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s look, choose something chic and unique. This off-the-shoulder full-length gown looks both timeless and luxurious. Your bridesmaid will look positively statuesque and simply add to the allure and charm of the day.


Written by: Kirsty Canning 


Something Blue

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Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue is a traditional wedding rhyme.  The story behind the rhyme states that if you bring something of each description to your wedding day it will bring you good luck in your marriage; so why not incorporate your something blue into your theme of your wedding.

Blue is a beautiful tranquil colour for your bridesmaid dresses and is flattering to most complexions, shapes and sizes.  You could opt for any shade from a baby blue to a royal sapphire blue.  You could have the whole dress blue or just a splash of blue in a pattern or petite coat.  It is a good colour for the groom and best man to co-ordinate with as well as it’s not too girly.


You could add a hint of blue to your bouquet, decor, table settings and even to your wedding cake.  Blue piping or flowers will add a modern twist to a traditional cake and will complement the theme of the whole day.  The mood board gives you some ideas of how you could add little touches of blue throughout the day. The painted chairs are a lovely subtle way of including blue in your wedding day and they look beautiful.

The bride could also wear a touch of blue to complement her bridesmaids, groom and flowers.  A traditional way to wear blue on the day is to wear a blue garter, this could also be your something new or something borrowed. You could also wear other blue accessories for a more modern look, like a veil or a blue piece of jewellery.  The blue shoes below look beautiful with a wedding dress and add a lovely splash of colour.  Your something old and something blue could also be combined by driving away from the ceremony in a beautiful blue vintage vehicle such as the ones in the photographs below.


I hope you have fun with this colour scheme if you choose it for your special day. It is a beautiful option and hopefully it will be lucky for you too!


Written by: Laura Nikita Mitchell

Flower Girls

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As the days are getting longer and the temperature is rising, we can see spring in all of its glory. Embrace the yellows, blues and pinks of this season and dress your precious little flower girls in outfits that will complement the weather outside.

Little Sailor 


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Incorporate the nautical look into your wedding day by including navy blue and crisp white stripe dresses.  The ‘little sailor’ is a fresh and bold image for this year’s spring and summer weddings.


Ray of Sunshine


(right image: tutorial at sewing in No Mans land)

This spring is set for polka dots, flowers, stripes and pretty bows. Allow your flower girls to feel like little princesses as you clothe them in florals and flowing dresses.




(right image: Brown Tulle Flower Girl via Oh One Fine Day, Fashion by Fluffy Tuffies on

The very picture of innocence, your flower girls will add a touch of seasonal glamour in these earth-coloured dresses.


Written By: Kirsty Canning.







Styling the Bridesmaids

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The once dreaded line of “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” no longer needs to place fear into the lives of young, single women.  The idea of wearing an over-frilly bo-peep costume or modelling a lemon meringue puff-ball might be romanticised in Katherine Heigl’s “27 dresses”, but it is a legitimate nightmare for real-life women. Long gone is the notion of making your bridesmaids look ghastly in order to enhance your own natural beauty.

As your closest friends, your bridesmaids reflect who you are and the choices you have made and as such, you want them to look just as gorgeous as you – well, almost! We’re here to help you find new, innovative ways in which you and your bridesmaids can express your friendship with unique stylish flare.  Of course, it’s not just about the dress; whether it be a custom designed piece of jewellery or an original accessory, allow us to complete your bridesmaids’ outfit and give them a look that complements the bride by exploring stunning personalised accessories.

If your girl group is that of Carrie’s in ‘Sex in the City’, what better way to celebrate the foundations of friendship than with bespoke personalised stilettos? From Jimmy Choos and Monolo Blaniks to Vivienne Westwood, give the girls in your life something to treasure forever by personalising their beautiful shoes with their names, initials or favourite romantic quotes.


Weddings are full of symbolism and it’s often that extra personal touch that gives your day the magical je ne sais quoi.  Allow your bridesmaids to say something special about your friendship by designing their own brooch to be pinned to their bouquet. It can be a colour that represents you, a quote that is fitting or maybe a symbol of where you first met. Let it be their special gift to you and when the day is over, you can either place them all in a keepsake box to pass on to your daughter or you can be safe in the knowledge that your best friends will think of you every time they wear it.  Designing and making your brooches together using pretty pearls and crystals could allow for some quality time with your favourite girls.  They will make beautiful accessories for your bouquets on the big day.



It’s always nice to give your bridesmaids a gift on your special day to show them how much they mean to you.  Jewellery is always a beautiful option as it is something they can wear on the day that will complement their bridesmaid dresses but they can also wear it after the wedding day.  Personalising jewellery can make it even more special.  Below are some stunning options.


Written by: Kirsty Canning

Edited by: Laura Nikita Mitchell


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