The Exceptional Wedding Gift

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Finding the perfect wedding gift can be an overwhelming experience. It should be something tasteful, luxurious and unique with lifetime value. And so it seems only right to share with you, it is rather like finding hidden treasure, The Little Costume Shop.

The Little Costume Shop was conceived by Vin Burnham, an international costume designer with an impressive track record at The Royal Opera House London and on Hollywood films such as Batman, The Fifth Element and Prometheus. Their latest endeavour offers a new and exciting bespoke service enabling the bride and bridesmaid to have their dress perfectly replicated in miniature. What could be more unique for the ultimate romantic wedding or anniversary gift?

“We believe that your original dress should not be relegated to tissue paper in a box. Instead it can be recreated in miniature to act as a joyful memento of the ‘big day’, to be displayed as an eye-catching work of art in the living room or on your dressing table.” – VB

These exquisite quarter scale gowns are made entirely by hand with the skill and remarkable attention to detail that Vin and her expert team imbue in each piece. Vintage textiles and lace, silks, hand painting, embroidery and Swarovski crystals are just a few of the elements used in creating these miniature works of art. Every unique commission is re-created from photographs and viewings of the original dress, even down to the veil, tiara and now, even hair!

Wig making is the latest skill that The Little Costume Shop has added to their ever-growing list of expertise. These beautiful wigs are made out of the finest human hair with each strand added meticulously by hand! A long and arduous process which adds the crowning glory to the finished piece. It’s easy to understand why these miniatures are limited edition collector’s items.

“When I saw it in all its glory, I felt almost as emotional as when I saw my original dress for the first time. Vin’s work meant that much more since she had replicated a memory just for me, a memory that is currently in a box underneath my bed at home. She has captured something that a photograph can’t – a physical piece of history that is now on display for me to look at every day. And the awe with which guests that visit my house look at it is just as wonderful. I have a story behind it – that the lady, who has had a career in films, television, ballet and theatre, dressing everyone from Batman to Lady Gaga, took the time out to create me something that I will cherish forever. This truly is one of a kind and you won’t find anything like it anywhere else.” – Nina

When presented with her wedding dress miniature Annabel said

“It is the ultimate souvenir of my big day, all my friends want one now!”

The Little Costume Shop also creates miniature ballet and opera costumes that would delight any new owner no matter the occasion and as Christmas is fast approaching why not treat your loved one to the most unique Christmas gift: our Snowflake Fairy costume miniature. With silver tissue glittering beneath the top layer of silk tulle, the bodice elaborately beaded with tiny Swarovski crystals, rhinestones and sequins this Fairy will be the perfect decoration for your home or tree!

Amoret was delighted when she received her miniature wedding dress.

“Everything down to the material, the ribbon, the bolero, was an exact match to what I was wearing on the day. It’s perfect”.

Have a look at our latest video to see the full view of our Lilac Fairy Miniature in all her glory

Further information and images are available from Vin on request – + 44 (0)7973 343739 or + 44 (0)1825 791563

Twitter: @VinBurnham, @Little Costume Shop

Photography by George Chinn and Rebecca Maynes

The Little Costume Shop – Costume, fashion and wedding dresses created in quarter scale

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“Little works of art … ” Darcey Bussell
Available online at, at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, and at The Kennedy Center, Washington DC

The Little Costume Shop, known for it’s detailed quarter scale costumes and fashion has recently launched ‘Weddings’ which offers wedding and bridesmaid’s dresses made to perfection in quarter scale. Headdresses, tiaras, veils and bouquets can also be made to order. These make the most precious, romantic wedding and anniversary presents imaginable.

At The Little Costume Shop, meticulous attention is paid to achieving every last detail in producing their costume or wedding dress miniatures; they hunt down exactly the right type and weight of fabric, to reflect the cut and drapery of the original dress correctly, as well as scouring their “secret sources” of antique textiles for lace and trimmings which are expertly put together with contemporary silks from India, China, France and Switzerland.

Their mission is perfection, and to achieve this Vin favours traditional hand sewing skills, learned from their many combined years making period costumes for theatre and film, as well as couture sewing, but not to the exclusion of some surprising modern technology. Vin has recently introduced laser cutting into her extensive range of techniques to achieve a precision in materials from stainless steel to silk that would not otherwise be achievable by even the most skilled of hand workers.

Beading and bejeweling plays an important role in embellishing wedding dress miniatures; using needles the size of a hair, minute beads and sequins are sewn with fine silk thread. This process requires endless patience. It is simply not possible to rush the work, it takes ‘as long as it takes’. Vin explains “In these days of impossibly tight deadlines, mass production and ‘time is money’, we have deliberately chosen not to subscribe to this ethos”. With memories of her Grandmother spending hour upon hour embroidering forget-me-knots onto tablecloths, Vin and her team find the slow, painstaking work has an almost meditative effect, and is consequently all the more rewarding. “If a job is rushed, it is stressful, and this has a detrimental affect on the final result. If it is a pleasure to make it will look better, it is as simple as that”.

Wedding dress replica’s in quarter scale start at around £1500 and children’s bridesmaids dresses from £750. For a free estimate, please send a clear full-length photo of your dress to Vin at or join the mailing list at

Further information and images are available from Vin on request – + 44 (0)7973 343739 or + 44 (0)1825 791563

Twitter: @VinBurnham, @Little Costume Shop

Photo Credits: Richard Wilding

The most romantic wedding and anniversary present of all

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Photo Credit: Mike Daines

“Little works of art ..” Darcey Bussell

Now available through the Kennedy Center, Washington DC


Vin Burnham is the founder of The Little Costume Shop, a collection of exquisite hand made costume miniatures that are commissioned online and at The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, which is where Vin started her career in costume design in the Fonteyn and Nureyev era.

Following a glittering film & TV career in the UK and Hollywood, Vin decided to go back to her roots in opera and ballet and she launched The Little Costume Shop in 2009. The exquisite quarter scale costumes are sold in both limited editions and special bespoke single pieces, which incorporate vintage textiles, silks, hand dyed tulle, hand painting, lace, 1920’s sequins and Swarovski crystals.

The latest addition is Little Costume Shop Weddings which offers your very own wedding dress made to perfection in quarter scale, which can easily be displayed in the home to commemorate the most important day of your life.

“Men love to buy these pieces for their wives & girlfriends; they make the ultimate romantic gifts for wedding and anniversary presents, and women buy them because they evoke such strong emotional memories”. VB.

Starting at just over £1,000, the current collection is exhibited in the Royal Opera House and Kennedy Center front of house showcases.

 “I enjoy my beautiful little costumes every day! Little treasures! Can’t wait to add to my collection”. BW. Patron of the Royal Ballet

 “These are stunning, beautifully made scale models. You can see the skill and love and remarkable attention to detail that has gone into each and every stitch, breathtaking and unique work”. J.A. 3 x Oscar winning costume designer.

Further information and images are available from Vin on request – + 44 (0)7973 343739  or  + 44 (0)1825 791563

Twitter: @VinBurnham, @Little Costume Shop

Photo Credit: Rebecca Maynes

Complete the bridal look, make it happen with Makeup!

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Every bride aims to look their very best on their special day. Starting with the all important dress and down to the matching shoes, all eyes should be on her as she walks down that aisle. Bride-to-be’s have that certain glow from the moment they are proposed to and all the way through to the I do’s. So why not brighten that glow even more? Makeup is as crucial as, dare I say, the wedding dress. No matter how beautiful and perfect the dress may be, it should not take the attention away from the bride herself. To do so, a little colour is required to accentuate her beautiful features. Her look has to be just as striking, if not more, than her dress. After all, she wears the dress, the dress does not wear her.

Hiring a professional makeup artist would always be on the bride’s to-do list. With the help of these professionals a woman can relax and take comfort in the fact that it is one thing they can tick off their list, knowing it would be done right. Not only would the bride be taken care of, her lovely entourage would be just as pretty as she. Pre-wedding consultations are always recommended, where the artist can do a trial run with the bride. Here, they would be testing out different shades that would go perfectly with the dress and the wedding as a whole.

Professional artists such as  Jutheanne Cruz   (freelance makeup artist) offer makeup and hair styling so the bride can look the part. Whether you opt for a natural look or the more dramatic with smoky eyes, you can be sure that skilled and certified artists like Jutheanne know their craft.

Makeup artists like J. Cruz , can also be useful for those celebrating with themed weddings. Whether it’s goth chic or the world of fairy tale fantasy, makeup helps create that for you. Don’t be fooled, not all artists are skilled in this field. Be sure to book that pre-wedding consultation and see what they can truly do.

For those who would like to follow Kate Middleton’s footsteps, the Duchess of Cambridge herself, and would like to apply their own makeup, there are also services available where these professionals offer their assistance in shopping for the right cosmetic products. Help in knowing the right shade and colour can take away any concerns you may have venturing in to makeup application.

All women are beautiful and unique in their own way, makeup merely highlights this.

Written by: Rica Tenchavez
Photographs taken from:
 Jutheanne Cruz (Makeup Artist)

Something Blue

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Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue is a traditional wedding rhyme.  The story behind the rhyme states that if you bring something of each description to your wedding day it will bring you good luck in your marriage; so why not incorporate your something blue into your theme of your wedding.

Blue is a beautiful tranquil colour for your bridesmaid dresses and is flattering to most complexions, shapes and sizes.  You could opt for any shade from a baby blue to a royal sapphire blue.  You could have the whole dress blue or just a splash of blue in a pattern or petite coat.  It is a good colour for the groom and best man to co-ordinate with as well as it’s not too girly.


You could add a hint of blue to your bouquet, decor, table settings and even to your wedding cake.  Blue piping or flowers will add a modern twist to a traditional cake and will complement the theme of the whole day.  The mood board gives you some ideas of how you could add little touches of blue throughout the day. The painted chairs are a lovely subtle way of including blue in your wedding day and they look beautiful.

The bride could also wear a touch of blue to complement her bridesmaids, groom and flowers.  A traditional way to wear blue on the day is to wear a blue garter, this could also be your something new or something borrowed. You could also wear other blue accessories for a more modern look, like a veil or a blue piece of jewellery.  The blue shoes below look beautiful with a wedding dress and add a lovely splash of colour.  Your something old and something blue could also be combined by driving away from the ceremony in a beautiful blue vintage vehicle such as the ones in the photographs below.


I hope you have fun with this colour scheme if you choose it for your special day. It is a beautiful option and hopefully it will be lucky for you too!


Written by: Laura Nikita Mitchell

Beautiful wedding day hair accessories

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Every day we ensure our hair is looking as fabulous as ever and your wedding day is no exception! This is a great occasion to be extravagant and style your hair in the most beautiful way possible. There are some great hair pieces out there which can be used to create a beautiful wedding day style. I’m going to be taking a look at some lovely hair accessories which you can use to ensure you are looking absolutely gorgeous on your wedding day!

Up dos are perfect for adding accessories to. Flower accessories really compliment tousled curls pinned up and it creates a lovely romantic look! I love that some off the accessories pictured have pearls and sparkles in them as it gives them an extra unique touch.  You could even match the colour of your accessories to your wedding day flowers and theme!


The netted/lace accessories pictured above have a classic vintage appeal and look extremely classy. These can be used instead of a veil for a sophisticated and stunning look on your big day! I love these as they have a real 1940’s feel to them, yet are very fashionable today too!


Entwining accessories in to hair can be beautiful and this could be used for you and the bridesmaids! It is a gorgeous idea and looks stunning. I think this look is nice for spring and summer weddings and is a lovely romantic look. You can entwine the flowers in to your whole hair or just add them to plaits. This really works well with tousled/curly hair styles.

I hope these ideas have inspired you! Your hair is one of the most important aspects on your wedding day. Make sure you practice different hairstyles out beforehand to see what suits your face shape and colouring best! And don’t be afraid of accessories!

Written by: Augusta Henning

Edited by: Laura Nikita Mitchell

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