Beautiful Wedding Jewellery

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It is obvious that your main piece of jewellery on your wedding day will be your engagement and wedding rings, however it is important that you dazzle your guests with other accessories too! You must make sure that you are picking out stunning pieces of jewellery which will compliment your elegant dress and hairstyle. Alongside this your jewellery can match with other elements of your wedding too which I wish to show you today. So, I have decided to share with you some of my favourite pieces of jewellery which I feel would be beautiful for your wedding!


Perfect Pearls

Above are some chic ideas on how you can wear pearls on your wedding day! You could go simple and just have a sophisticated pair of pearl stud earrings. Or perhaps something more extravagant like a dangly pair. Make sure you match the colouring of your metal with your wedding ring to ensure you are looking as stylish as ever. You can even use pearl pendants as gifts to your bridesmaids which they could wear to match you. I love the mixture of lace and pearls for a more vintage style which expresses timeless elegance. You can also use different coloured pearls rather than just the classic white, such as pink/peach or blue/grey. Pearls can even then be used entwined with flowers for your centrepieces or to tie your bouquets together!



Dazzling Diamonds


In keeping with the theme of this year’s Diamond Jubilee, above are some beautiful examples of how you can wear diamonds on your wedding day, ensuring that you really do feel and look like royalty! The drop diamond earrings are extremely graceful yet also make a statement because of their gorgeous sparkle. You could go for a shape which matches your engagement ring whether it is marquise, round brilliant, princess cut or anything else! I also love the exquisite idea of combining pearls and diamonds. They really compliment each other and have a classic appeal. This could be in any piece of jewellery including brooches too!

All of these ideas will ensure that you are looking spectacular on your big day. I hope that they have inspired you to get thinking of gorgeous jewellery pieces to wear for your wedding.


Written by: Augusta Henning 


Edited by: Laura Nikita Mitchell


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Wedding Day Accessories

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Once you have found and picked the perfect wedding gown, you must then decide on the accessories that you are going to be wearing. You must remember accessories are what makes an outfit. You have to think of everything from shoes to veils.  We want this to be a fun and stress free experience for you, so we’ve come up with some beautiful ideas to inspire you.


Brides dedicate most of their time finding the right wedding dress; however a beautiful pair of shoes should be as important as they really complete the look and allow for self expression.  This season when choosing the right shoe go for something that is more glamorous, daring and modern, like a colourful or patterned shoe.  If you’re going for a modern traditional wedding though you will want to stick to the Ivory, creams and whites and could maybe personalise them with beaded or pearl embellishments.


One of the biggest trends emerging this season is the veil. They are available in all sizes and styles and they will add a touch of elegance and tradition to your wedding!  You can opt for delicate ribbon flowers, satin ribbon bows, bows, diamanté trimmed or other beautiful detailing.


You can find many beautiful designs which will be perfect for a wedding. It’s important to keep them small so a clutch or a small purse will be perfect.  You can find maybe styles of bridal bags that will compliment your wedding dress.  You could choose a plain white or ivory satin bag or go for something with pretty detailing such as bows, pearls or lace.

It’s important for every bride to feel special on her wedding day. Spend some time finding the perfect wedding day accessories to go with your wedding dress. It’s all worth the time and effort in the end; as you will look stunning on your big day!

Written By: Nila Sabar

Edited By: Laura Nikita Mitchell

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The Vintage Wedding

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A vintage wedding is the perfect way to celebrate your special day if you are a sentimentalist who values tradition.  If you want to re-capture the beauty and elegance of an earlier age we have plenty of stunning ideas for you in this article.

The femininity of the vintage style is perfect for a special occasion such as a wedding.  The bride will look beautiful in an exquisite one off wedding dress.  The detailing on traditional dresses is exceptional and the craftsmanship that goes into each intricate beaded design or piece of lace is a masterpiece in itself.  The simple yet elegant a-line dress is another vintage favourite, teamed with a vintage hat, head net or 1940’s inspired hair style you will feel a film star.

The Bride

The décor 

When it comes to styling your wedding so much is dependant on decorations, flowers, props and those little extras that make your wedding personal and unique.  To create a vintage look you should use fine silver and bone china with hand painted feminine floral designs.  The flowers should be natural, fresh and plucked from an English country garden; it is nice to pick flowers with subtle fragrances to perfume your venue.


Above are some beautiful ideas to make your wedding extra special.  The picture on the left shows vintage wedding photos displayed amongst the flowers.  You could use old photographs of your parents or grandparents’ weddings and tie them to your bouquet to create a sentimental keepsake of your day.  The picture to the right shows a lovely home made confetti idea; using old music sheets, ribbon and lace you could make these little cones and fill them with dried roses or fresh rose petals to use as confetti.


Food and Drink

A high class tea party is a classic idea for a vintage spring/summer wedding.  The use of pastel colours creates a elegant backdrop to your festivities.  You could opt for an outdoor buffet consisting of salmon and cucumber sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and English jam, vintage sweets and cupcakes in lace skirts.  For refreshments you could serve tea in vintage tea cups, fresh cucumber water, pink grapefruit juice in rustic jam jars.  Another truly original idea is; home made lavender lemonade garnished with sprigs of fresh lavender.  It tastes delicious and its subtle lilac hue will look pretty amongst the fresh flowers and pastel coloured china .

I hope these ideas have inspired you to create your own Vintage Wedding.


Written by: Laura Nikita Mitchell
images from: pinterest

Engagement and Wedding Rings

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As a universal signifier of the bond between husband and wife, rings are the traditional show of commitment that is exchanged during proposals and wedding ceremonies. It is an exciting part of solidifying a relationship and celebrating the next adventure in store for a couple.  It’s circular shape symbolizes the eternal love, devotion and commitment the couple will show each other through sickness and health. Serving also as a daily reminder of the love they share.

Although rings already have a wealth of sentimental value, they can be even more special and unique when they’re personalised.  Getting your ring hand made to a personal design or engraving a message on the inside of the ring can create something unique and special.  It is important to pick high quality and timeless jewellery that is true to who you are and embodies your relationship; as you will be wearing it forever.  Below are some classic and elegant designs.


Simple Elegant Diamonds



Rings cater to an array of styles, allowing any kind of stone set into the band.  The classic engagement ring stone is the Diamond but some people might like this set against other precious stones such as: Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds. It’s worth bearing in mind, that these options are steeped in elegance and prestige and the darker the colour the more expensive the stone. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s much talked about Royal wedding had launched popular trends for impending marriages, particularly when it came to the ring. Kate’s oval sapphire engagement ring boasting 18-carats of diamond and sapphire is mouth-wateringly dazzling, prompting brides-to-be to get imitations since it looks so beautiful on Kate’s hand.


Coloured Stones with Diamonds 


Wedding bands are traditionally quite plain and come in varies metals such as Yellow Gold, White Gold and Platinum Each metal gracefully brings across the warmth and love of marriage in a simple yet classy way ensuring unending admiration.  The partners wedding bands are often matching and the women can also have hers as a complementary piece to her engagement ring.


Wedding Bands



In light of the leap year tradition, it is said that women can propose marriage on the 29th of February. The convention of courtship is pushed aside for the day, allowing women to brave and pop the question, despite society’s unwritten rule that only men take on the deed. In any case, whichever half takes the plunge, the ring is an important part of the process.  So in today’s article we have selected a few images of engagement rings for men.


Engagement rings for men


Written by: Georgie Bradley


Edited by: Laura Nikita Mitchell


Styling the Bridesmaids

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The once dreaded line of “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” no longer needs to place fear into the lives of young, single women.  The idea of wearing an over-frilly bo-peep costume or modelling a lemon meringue puff-ball might be romanticised in Katherine Heigl’s “27 dresses”, but it is a legitimate nightmare for real-life women. Long gone is the notion of making your bridesmaids look ghastly in order to enhance your own natural beauty.

As your closest friends, your bridesmaids reflect who you are and the choices you have made and as such, you want them to look just as gorgeous as you – well, almost! We’re here to help you find new, innovative ways in which you and your bridesmaids can express your friendship with unique stylish flare.  Of course, it’s not just about the dress; whether it be a custom designed piece of jewellery or an original accessory, allow us to complete your bridesmaids’ outfit and give them a look that complements the bride by exploring stunning personalised accessories.

If your girl group is that of Carrie’s in ‘Sex in the City’, what better way to celebrate the foundations of friendship than with bespoke personalised stilettos? From Jimmy Choos and Monolo Blaniks to Vivienne Westwood, give the girls in your life something to treasure forever by personalising their beautiful shoes with their names, initials or favourite romantic quotes.


Weddings are full of symbolism and it’s often that extra personal touch that gives your day the magical je ne sais quoi.  Allow your bridesmaids to say something special about your friendship by designing their own brooch to be pinned to their bouquet. It can be a colour that represents you, a quote that is fitting or maybe a symbol of where you first met. Let it be their special gift to you and when the day is over, you can either place them all in a keepsake box to pass on to your daughter or you can be safe in the knowledge that your best friends will think of you every time they wear it.  Designing and making your brooches together using pretty pearls and crystals could allow for some quality time with your favourite girls.  They will make beautiful accessories for your bouquets on the big day.



It’s always nice to give your bridesmaids a gift on your special day to show them how much they mean to you.  Jewellery is always a beautiful option as it is something they can wear on the day that will complement their bridesmaid dresses but they can also wear it after the wedding day.  Personalising jewellery can make it even more special.  Below are some stunning options.


Written by: Kirsty Canning

Edited by: Laura Nikita Mitchell


The Bride’s hairstyle : Inspirational styles for your hair on the special day

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  We all take pride in our hair and on your wedding day we want (and need) it to look it’s best! But with some many different styles out there it’ll be hard to decide which one to go for though you may have a built up image of how you’ll look which’ll help in narrowing your options down.

 Top Row : The updo – You can have a beautifully constructed updo which works with hair accessories incredibly. It also shows off your shoulders and neckline for a gorgeous eleganance

Middle Row : Romantic length – If you’re blessed with some gorgeous locks (or amazing hair extentions) why not a hair-down look. Gentle waves & curls create a glamourous look reminiscent of the hollywood stars! The sweepy fringes and middle parting are very in with celebrities.

Bottom Row : Or whatever you want  – Whether you go for a sleek pony tail, tight curls pinned back or a gorgeous updo it should represent you. You don’t want the groom to not recognise you, so go for something that is an amped up version of your favourite style

Pop to your hairdresser and discuss what works for you and go from there. Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions on what suits you and what will be the best option for your special day. Trails are also VERY important, same with your make up. You need to make sure your stylist does a test run with you to make sure you’re 100% happy with your decision, it prevents any tantrusm and tears on the morning of!

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