It’s a nice day for a White Wedding

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Today’s article will focus on the simple yet elegant white wedding theme.  Traditional white wedding dresses symbolise the purity and innocence of the bride.  Some brides prefer to be the only one wearing white on their big day however more and more people are opting for white bridesmaid dresses as they look elegant, sophisticated and work well alongside the bride.  White bridesmaid dresses are often made in a simple style or fabric so that the brides wedding dress still stands out on her big day.




The white theme is becoming more popular due to its simplicity and elegance.  Choosing a white theme means you wont have to worry about picking a complimentary colour pallet for you wedding.  There are many beautiful white flower options to choose from such as: roses, lilies, orchids, hydrangeas, dahlias, daisies and tulips.  These pretty flowers can be used in your bouquet and intertwined in your hair to create a natural flower fairy look.  You could scatter white petals down the isle and decorate your venue and table settings with elegant displays of gorgeous lilies or dramatic orchids.  The wedding cake could be simple plain white or you could add texture using white piping, pearls, ribbon or fresh flowers.


The bride and bridesmaids could both have white shoes and matching pearl jewellery and the bride could add a white veil and matching garter.  The groom and groomsmen could match the bridal party by opting for white waistcoats, ties or cravats or even white suits.


If you choose a white themed wedding I hope you have a fabulous day!


Written by: Laura Nikita Mitchell

Something Blue

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Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue is a traditional wedding rhyme.  The story behind the rhyme states that if you bring something of each description to your wedding day it will bring you good luck in your marriage; so why not incorporate your something blue into your theme of your wedding.

Blue is a beautiful tranquil colour for your bridesmaid dresses and is flattering to most complexions, shapes and sizes.  You could opt for any shade from a baby blue to a royal sapphire blue.  You could have the whole dress blue or just a splash of blue in a pattern or petite coat.  It is a good colour for the groom and best man to co-ordinate with as well as it’s not too girly.


You could add a hint of blue to your bouquet, decor, table settings and even to your wedding cake.  Blue piping or flowers will add a modern twist to a traditional cake and will complement the theme of the whole day.  The mood board gives you some ideas of how you could add little touches of blue throughout the day. The painted chairs are a lovely subtle way of including blue in your wedding day and they look beautiful.

The bride could also wear a touch of blue to complement her bridesmaids, groom and flowers.  A traditional way to wear blue on the day is to wear a blue garter, this could also be your something new or something borrowed. You could also wear other blue accessories for a more modern look, like a veil or a blue piece of jewellery.  The blue shoes below look beautiful with a wedding dress and add a lovely splash of colour.  Your something old and something blue could also be combined by driving away from the ceremony in a beautiful blue vintage vehicle such as the ones in the photographs below.


I hope you have fun with this colour scheme if you choose it for your special day. It is a beautiful option and hopefully it will be lucky for you too!


Written by: Laura Nikita Mitchell

Petite Portions: Less is More

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When it comes to food, it can be just as much of an event as the wedding itself. It is important to create a gastronomic experience for you and your guests to enjoy; with delicious food prepared and presented with flair. Tradition sees a three course meal brimming with elegant food. This is always a winner however the less is more concept is key to achieving a chic balance of minimalist gourmet splendor. Not only is mini food aesthetically pleasing, it is also practical and sophisticated. It doesn’t mean your guests have to be left with measly portions it simply means there is more room for variety and people can walk around and socialise as they eat.

The beauty of bite sized food is that you can play around with what you serve; anything from classic quiches to sausage rolls to fun mini burgers or fish and chips- always a crowd pleaser. It has become fashionable to put together a range of ‘mix and match’ foods from fused cuisines, complimenting different worldly tastes and styles.

You can get very creative with mini desserts. If you have a base fruit, dipping and dunking it in sauces and then finishing it off with encrusted nuts is a bit of heaven. Piercing these treats on a decorative or plain stick gives a modern look as well as making it an easier and efficient way to eat. You could opt for mini wedding cakes or ice creams for the summer. 

These mini meals made up of delicious finger foods can replace bulky mains without taking away the excitement of a hearty feast. It is a fantastic opportunity to experiment and can create great artist table displays.  This is a great alternative if you want your wedding to have a more relaxed fun vibe.


Written by: Georgie Bradley

Edited by: Laura Nikita Mitchell





Have your cake and eat it!

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The wedding cake is traditionally a very symbolic part of the wedding ceremony.  The colour of the cake was traditionally white to symbolise purity and the action of cutting the cake shows the bride and grooms first joint task in married life.  The action of feeding the cake to one another was meant to show commitment and intimacy between the pair.

In a more modern world the cake is something which can be as varied as the couple wish and is often something the bride enjoys choosing and the guests enjoy eating!  The craft of cake making is still very much alive and the art of wedding cake making can be the forte of any bakers resume.


Cake Flavours

You could opt for a traditional fruit cake, lighter sponge, indulgent chocolate, zesty lemon or moist carrot.  So if a traditional fruit cake with marzipan isn’t for you it isn’t a problem.  These days most cake makers cater to all tastes and you can often organise to sample the variety of cakes before you make your decision.  Below are some examples of chocolate wedding cakes with chocolate topping but you can mix it up as much as you like, some people even have different cake for different tiers.

Cake design

The design of the cake can be very personal to you.  You might want a traditional white piped cakes or something more modern and unique. You could match your cake to your dress, ring, flowers and the more general theme and decor.   The most important thing are the final touches and detailing on a cake as this is what makes it really special.  It is important that it reflects the couple’s personalities and that it works well with all the other aesthetics of the wedding.  You could match the cake with the lace of your dress, the white roses of your bouquet or the purple colour theme like the images below.

Popular cake designs

Traditional white piped cakes are still extremely popular and create a elegant and sophisticated ambiance.  Another very popular choice is a floral design and you can opt for fresh flowers or sugar paste.  A floral design can be beautiful in pastel shades or bright summer colours.  The three tiered cake is still the most popular choice but many people are now opting for a tower of cupcakes which is a beautiful alternative and can make dishing it out to the guests much easier.

I hope this article has given you some inspiration as to the type of wedding cake you would like for your special day.

Written by: Laura Nikita Mitchell


Wedding Cake Alternatives

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A time-honoured tradition, the wedding cake has fashioned itself into a fundamental part of nuptial celebrations. From its humble beginnings as a small wheat loaf, the concept for a wedding cake has evolved and thanks to the influence of the French, it has increased both in size and embellishment. We often associate weddings with the rituals of “something borrowed, something blue” or with carrying the bride over the threshold and the cutting of the cake is no exception. A symbol of your first act as a couple, cutting the wedding cake represents your future together and with such an elaborate action, one needs an elaborate cake.  The former popularity of a five-tiered fruit or sponge drizzle has given way to more creative and unconventional options. We’re here to share with you our top five ideas for the wedding cake alternative:   


Tiered Fruit


The phrase “have your cake and eat it” seems a fitting one for women as we understandably want the best of both worlds. Thanks to the innovative fruit tower, this has become a possibility. Gone are the problematic days of choosing between tempting calories and bland diets; we have come up with an option that incorporates both health and flavour. Scintillate your taste buds with the zesty tang of summer fruits.  With strawberries, blackberries, peaches and pears, there is an endless array of possibilities to choose from. Enjoy the fragrance and fruitilicious sweetness that nature brings and add a kick start to your evening celebrations.



Cheese Tower

Cut into a slice of Edam heaven and delight in the opportunity to go back to basics. This is every cheese lover’s dream. From brie and blue cheese to cheddar and caerphilly, select the savoury option and give your guests something to really talk about.


The Croquembouche

For “la pièce de résistance”, follow the French trail of chocolate, cream and caramel and marvel at the Croquembouche tower of perfection. Delicately layered in pastry and rich, velvety flavours, this is indulgence at its most extreme.



Last but not least, wedding cupcakes have risen in popularity over recent years and have become the preferred choice for young, up-and-coming couples. These miniature treats offer originality with a modern, classy twist. Custom-designed to your individual taste, cupcakes are the perfect way to show your flare and personality.



Whether it be fruit, cheese, chocolate, sweets or miniature treats, transform this conventional ritual into an unconventional idea that everyone will be talking about.


Written by: Kirsty Canning

Edited by: Laura Nikita Mitchell

The most beautiful, inspiring & luxurious wedding cakes

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How  How about a little inspiration into your wedding cake!?

This post is just going to be mainly imagery as I wanted to show you all sorts of different beautiful cakes that are out there! You can go from fresh flowers to icing ones, delicate patterns to cupcakes! Whatever theme your wedding takes upon, reflect this in your cake. Whether it’s a certain flower that is in your bouquet or a colour theme you have. And don’t just stop at the standard tiered wedding cake, why not try something different? You can be as creative and induvidual as you want.


The sky is the limit when it comes to your wedding cake!

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