It’s a nice day for a White Wedding

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Today’s article will focus on the simple yet elegant white wedding theme.  Traditional white wedding dresses symbolise the purity and innocence of the bride.  Some brides prefer to be the only one wearing white on their big day however more and more people are opting for white bridesmaid dresses as they look elegant, sophisticated and work well alongside the bride.  White bridesmaid dresses are often made in a simple style or fabric so that the brides wedding dress still stands out on her big day.




The white theme is becoming more popular due to its simplicity and elegance.  Choosing a white theme means you wont have to worry about picking a complimentary colour pallet for you wedding.  There are many beautiful white flower options to choose from such as: roses, lilies, orchids, hydrangeas, dahlias, daisies and tulips.  These pretty flowers can be used in your bouquet and intertwined in your hair to create a natural flower fairy look.  You could scatter white petals down the isle and decorate your venue and table settings with elegant displays of gorgeous lilies or dramatic orchids.  The wedding cake could be simple plain white or you could add texture using white piping, pearls, ribbon or fresh flowers.


The bride and bridesmaids could both have white shoes and matching pearl jewellery and the bride could add a white veil and matching garter.  The groom and groomsmen could match the bridal party by opting for white waistcoats, ties or cravats or even white suits.


If you choose a white themed wedding I hope you have a fabulous day!


Written by: Laura Nikita Mitchell

Something Blue

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Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue is a traditional wedding rhyme.  The story behind the rhyme states that if you bring something of each description to your wedding day it will bring you good luck in your marriage; so why not incorporate your something blue into your theme of your wedding.

Blue is a beautiful tranquil colour for your bridesmaid dresses and is flattering to most complexions, shapes and sizes.  You could opt for any shade from a baby blue to a royal sapphire blue.  You could have the whole dress blue or just a splash of blue in a pattern or petite coat.  It is a good colour for the groom and best man to co-ordinate with as well as it’s not too girly.


You could add a hint of blue to your bouquet, decor, table settings and even to your wedding cake.  Blue piping or flowers will add a modern twist to a traditional cake and will complement the theme of the whole day.  The mood board gives you some ideas of how you could add little touches of blue throughout the day. The painted chairs are a lovely subtle way of including blue in your wedding day and they look beautiful.

The bride could also wear a touch of blue to complement her bridesmaids, groom and flowers.  A traditional way to wear blue on the day is to wear a blue garter, this could also be your something new or something borrowed. You could also wear other blue accessories for a more modern look, like a veil or a blue piece of jewellery.  The blue shoes below look beautiful with a wedding dress and add a lovely splash of colour.  Your something old and something blue could also be combined by driving away from the ceremony in a beautiful blue vintage vehicle such as the ones in the photographs below.


I hope you have fun with this colour scheme if you choose it for your special day. It is a beautiful option and hopefully it will be lucky for you too!


Written by: Laura Nikita Mitchell

Petite Portions: Less is More

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When it comes to food, it can be just as much of an event as the wedding itself. It is important to create a gastronomic experience for you and your guests to enjoy; with delicious food prepared and presented with flair. Tradition sees a three course meal brimming with elegant food. This is always a winner however the less is more concept is key to achieving a chic balance of minimalist gourmet splendor. Not only is mini food aesthetically pleasing, it is also practical and sophisticated. It doesn’t mean your guests have to be left with measly portions it simply means there is more room for variety and people can walk around and socialise as they eat.

The beauty of bite sized food is that you can play around with what you serve; anything from classic quiches to sausage rolls to fun mini burgers or fish and chips- always a crowd pleaser. It has become fashionable to put together a range of ‘mix and match’ foods from fused cuisines, complimenting different worldly tastes and styles.

You can get very creative with mini desserts. If you have a base fruit, dipping and dunking it in sauces and then finishing it off with encrusted nuts is a bit of heaven. Piercing these treats on a decorative or plain stick gives a modern look as well as making it an easier and efficient way to eat. You could opt for mini wedding cakes or ice creams for the summer. 

These mini meals made up of delicious finger foods can replace bulky mains without taking away the excitement of a hearty feast. It is a fantastic opportunity to experiment and can create great artist table displays.  This is a great alternative if you want your wedding to have a more relaxed fun vibe.


Written by: Georgie Bradley

Edited by: Laura Nikita Mitchell





Gorgeous Guest books for your wedding day

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The guest book is where your loved ones are able to leave heart felt messages on your special day. Alongside your cherished memories and photographs, you will be able to read your guest book and re-live the romance of your wedding day.  There are lots of different alternatives to just a simple book and by going for something a bit different I feel you will be more unique and your guests will enjoy leaving things for you to read!


Something different – I love the idea of doing something unique which your guests may have not seen before! The ideas shown above indicate how you don’t just have to go for the traditional guest book. The first picture shows lots of puzzle pieces which your guests can leave lovely messages on, and you can piece them together after your wedding! I also think the second picture shows a fun idea where your guests can take Polaroid photos and perhaps even write something on the back of the photograph? Finally by providing a calendar like in the third picture, your guests are able to write down their birthdays and leave messages if they wish to as well!



Typewriters – I think this is such a fabulous idea! Not only does it give a lovely vintage feel to your wedding day, but it is also something fun which will keep your guests entertained! People don’t normally see typewriters around nowadays and it could be a really great idea to wow your friends and family. I feel they look really great and your guests will thoroughly enjoy leaving warming messages through them!



Guestbook with a twist – In the pictures above there are some sweet guest books with a twist!! For example you can have a number of small books with different titles such as ‘what shall we do for our 1 year wedding anniversary’ or ‘when did you know we were meant for each other’. These books can even be placed on each of your guests’ tables and then can be swapped around. This ensures you have a variety of sorts of different messages which will be sure to make you smile!



Three of my favourites – Finally I just wanted to share with you three of my personal favourite ideas which I believe are all individually stunning! I love the book with the envelopes in it as it will be so enjoyable after your wedding day to open up the envelopes and see what lovely messages your guests have left you. Alongside this in the second picture I love the idea of your guests leaving their fingerprints and signing their name so you can remember the fun you had with all your friends and family! Finally the messages rolled up in a scroll and placed in the bottle are timeless and elegant too.

So remember, your guest book doesn’t just have to be a book for your guests to sign, it can become something
fun and be a part of your wedding! I hope these unique ideas have inspired you.

Writen by: Augusta Henning



The English tea party wedding

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This theme is truly one of my favourites. The décor is so beautiful and as the weather is warming up it is a great time of year for an English tea party wedding – whether it be set in the midst of a gorgeous garden or inside! This is the perfect opportunity to allow yourself and your guests to indulge on scrumptious cream cakes, adorable mini sandwiches and sip on tea and champagne, whilst enjoying your special day. This can create a more fun and relaxed event which still expresses timeless romance. Here are some examples of how you can use this theme to make the perfect wedding.

Above: Here are some stunning examples of how to work the English tea party at your wedding! The beautiful vintage tea cups which are miss-matched in patterns are so adorable and are available to hire from many different places! I also love the wedding cake shown which has a variety of different cakes and teacups with sweeties in them! You can play around with the sort of food and sweet bits you want to have at your wedding in order to make it unique.




Above: These perfect décor ideas illustrate how afternoon tea can become an overall theme. Bunting can be gorgeous when the right patterns and material is picked! In this case, I’m thinking gingham, polka dots and floral patterns to tie in to the theme. I also think the idea of using teacups as name place holders is so sweet! You can put little posies of flowers in the cups for your guests to keep and this will definitely ensure they leave with a smile on their face! The pastel hues are perfect for this theme and luckily they are in fashion this season too!


Above: I love the idea of the tea party to be held outside in a garden on a warm summer’s day. It really emphasises the theme and creates a magnificent backdrop for your special day. I also think it is a great idea how you can use the theme in all aspects of your wedding. The teabags pictured can be used as wedding favours. Their message reads ‘the perfect blend’ which clearly embodies the romance of your wedding. Alongside this the Polaroid pictures hanging on a line are so adorable! You could get your guests to take photographs and pin them up with pegs as the day progresses!

Overall this theme can be extremely enchanting. Think Alice in Wonderland meets Pride and Prejudice, a lovely tea party in a beautiful English setting! I feel this could be the perfect blend for a magical day.


Written By: Augusta Henning 

Edited By: Laura Nikita Mitchell


The Vintage Wedding

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A vintage wedding is the perfect way to celebrate your special day if you are a sentimentalist who values tradition.  If you want to re-capture the beauty and elegance of an earlier age we have plenty of stunning ideas for you in this article.

The femininity of the vintage style is perfect for a special occasion such as a wedding.  The bride will look beautiful in an exquisite one off wedding dress.  The detailing on traditional dresses is exceptional and the craftsmanship that goes into each intricate beaded design or piece of lace is a masterpiece in itself.  The simple yet elegant a-line dress is another vintage favourite, teamed with a vintage hat, head net or 1940’s inspired hair style you will feel a film star.

The Bride

The décor 

When it comes to styling your wedding so much is dependant on decorations, flowers, props and those little extras that make your wedding personal and unique.  To create a vintage look you should use fine silver and bone china with hand painted feminine floral designs.  The flowers should be natural, fresh and plucked from an English country garden; it is nice to pick flowers with subtle fragrances to perfume your venue.


Above are some beautiful ideas to make your wedding extra special.  The picture on the left shows vintage wedding photos displayed amongst the flowers.  You could use old photographs of your parents or grandparents’ weddings and tie them to your bouquet to create a sentimental keepsake of your day.  The picture to the right shows a lovely home made confetti idea; using old music sheets, ribbon and lace you could make these little cones and fill them with dried roses or fresh rose petals to use as confetti.


Food and Drink

A high class tea party is a classic idea for a vintage spring/summer wedding.  The use of pastel colours creates a elegant backdrop to your festivities.  You could opt for an outdoor buffet consisting of salmon and cucumber sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and English jam, vintage sweets and cupcakes in lace skirts.  For refreshments you could serve tea in vintage tea cups, fresh cucumber water, pink grapefruit juice in rustic jam jars.  Another truly original idea is; home made lavender lemonade garnished with sprigs of fresh lavender.  It tastes delicious and its subtle lilac hue will look pretty amongst the fresh flowers and pastel coloured china .

I hope these ideas have inspired you to create your own Vintage Wedding.


Written by: Laura Nikita Mitchell
images from: pinterest

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