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It’s a nice day for a White Wedding

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Today’s article will focus on the simple yet elegant white wedding theme.  Traditional white wedding dresses symbolise the purity and innocence of the bride.  Some brides prefer to be the only one wearing white on their big day however more and more people are opting for white bridesmaid dresses as they look elegant, sophisticated and work well alongside the bride.  White bridesmaid dresses are often made in a simple style or fabric so that the brides wedding dress still stands out on her big day.




The white theme is becoming more popular due to its simplicity and elegance.  Choosing a white theme means you wont have to worry about picking a complimentary colour pallet for you wedding.  There are many beautiful white flower options to choose from such as: roses, lilies, orchids, hydrangeas, dahlias, daisies and tulips.  These pretty flowers can be used in your bouquet and intertwined in your hair to create a natural flower fairy look.  You could scatter white petals down the isle and decorate your venue and table settings with elegant displays of gorgeous lilies or dramatic orchids.  The wedding cake could be simple plain white or you could add texture using white piping, pearls, ribbon or fresh flowers.


The bride and bridesmaids could both have white shoes and matching pearl jewellery and the bride could add a white veil and matching garter.  The groom and groomsmen could match the bridal party by opting for white waistcoats, ties or cravats or even white suits.


If you choose a white themed wedding I hope you have a fabulous day!


Written by: Laura Nikita Mitchell

Something Blue

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Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue is a traditional wedding rhyme.  The story behind the rhyme states that if you bring something of each description to your wedding day it will bring you good luck in your marriage; so why not incorporate your something blue into your theme of your wedding.

Blue is a beautiful tranquil colour for your bridesmaid dresses and is flattering to most complexions, shapes and sizes.  You could opt for any shade from a baby blue to a royal sapphire blue.  You could have the whole dress blue or just a splash of blue in a pattern or petite coat.  It is a good colour for the groom and best man to co-ordinate with as well as it’s not too girly.


You could add a hint of blue to your bouquet, decor, table settings and even to your wedding cake.  Blue piping or flowers will add a modern twist to a traditional cake and will complement the theme of the whole day.  The mood board gives you some ideas of how you could add little touches of blue throughout the day. The painted chairs are a lovely subtle way of including blue in your wedding day and they look beautiful.

The bride could also wear a touch of blue to complement her bridesmaids, groom and flowers.  A traditional way to wear blue on the day is to wear a blue garter, this could also be your something new or something borrowed. You could also wear other blue accessories for a more modern look, like a veil or a blue piece of jewellery.  The blue shoes below look beautiful with a wedding dress and add a lovely splash of colour.  Your something old and something blue could also be combined by driving away from the ceremony in a beautiful blue vintage vehicle such as the ones in the photographs below.


I hope you have fun with this colour scheme if you choose it for your special day. It is a beautiful option and hopefully it will be lucky for you too!


Written by: Laura Nikita Mitchell

Stunning Spring Wedding Ideas

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Spring is fast approaching and as it is commonly the most popular of all seasons for weddings, I have decided to explore some stunning colour theme ideas to get you inspired. The pastel coloured theme is perfect for this season. Beautiful colours such as lilac, peach, soft apricot, peppermint, bluebell and lots of fabulous floral can be used to ensure your wedding is as romantic as possible. These colours could be used for flowers, decorations and bridesmaid dresses to ensure your ceremony is looking as lovely and lavish as possible. Here are some pictures I picked out to show you how pastels could potentially be perfect for your special day.


Above: The elegant ideas shown above indicate how gorgeous spring greens can be for a wedding. The potted plants and flowers show how well flowers can be used for table decoration.  Keeping in touch with the spring theme, you can gain a garden feel by using wooden flower pots and candle holders which look beautiful when combined with stunning flowers. How about trying something unique like the beautiful flowers suspended in glass bottles as shown in the first picture?


Above: Peach and pink hues are quite clearly the epitome of love and romance when it comes to weddings. They fit so perfectly into the spring theme and by combining them with beautiful cream colours your wedding will poses a tranquil elegance. Tulips come in to season in early spring and as you can see from the picture top right they look exquisite in a bouquet. The use of candles also emphasises the romantic spring theme and twinkly lights can be used for this as well.

What is important is that your day is as special and heavenly as it could possibly be. I personally absolutely adore the colours of spring as they place emphasis on the romance of your wedding day. You could also take advantage of some of the beautiful flowers which are in season at this time too, such as: Hyacinths, snowdrops, iris’ and cherry blossom.

These little touches will enchant your guests and create a beautiful backdrop for your spring wedding!

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Written by: Augusta Henning


Edited by: Laura Nikita Mitchell






Create a garden of your wedding

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Flowers Flowers Flowers! We all know the bog standard ways you can decorate your venue with just bouquets etc but I want you to discover with me the new ways of flower décor and making it unique for your own style & wedding.

For me, flowers are necessary to every wedding as they assist in creating a fresh atmosphere as well as having their own meanings. I’ve already discussed in a previous posts about bouquets and different ways of selecting which flowers you can choose, so this post will be about showing you new, exciting ideas which you could incorporate or adopt in your wedding!

So lets begin with some random unique ideas! (from left to right)

I simply adore this idea of filling tall vases with flowers right to the brim, with alternating shades! I think it’s a gorgeous way to display flowers and these can go anywhere within your venue. Whether they sit by the doors or around the aisle.

The over the top hanging centre pieces, I love this! The idea of having elaborate centre pieces is one thing but with the added hanging flowers just makes it that more over the top. With these you will not be needing many flowers elsewhere!

The gradient flower display is a gorgeous idea and yes it may not be over the top, but it’s another way to display an array of flowers in different shades. You don’t have to only do this with one colour, you can make it a variation of colours merging from one to another, like a rainbow

The cupcake flowers, not only can you have flowers but you can have deserts which look like your flowers! This idea is adorable and very clever having the icing manipulated to represent the petals of the flowers used in the display. This can be incorporated into your wedding cake as well!

The aisle stoppers! Now I think that aisle has to be more than just a corridor of faces, but also filled with intricate displays of flowers! Whether it’s petals running along the floor or trimming the edges, to hanging buckets! The more creative, the more exciting!

Different styles of vases to how the flowers is a great way of making your flowers look unique. From different flowers in different styled glass vases to hanging cages! You can get as unique as you like as well as mixing other elements such as candles, ribbons & crystals to truly create your very own display. Who really wants to pick something out of a brochure?

Get those creating juices flowing and discover new individual ways of decorating your venue!

Luxurious & bespoke inspiration for Centrepieces at your wedding reception!

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At the Reception we have all of our closest family & friends celebrate the marriage of the newly weds. It’s the after party and we all want it to be luxurious & personal as possible from table arrangements to the name places. Now, centrepieces are possibly one of the most important pieces to the table arrangements. It ties the whole event together and also plays a huge  part in setting the style & mood of the event.

You can be as flamboyant and go for ‘bigger is better’ with large floral displays mixed with hanging crystals, follow a simpler suit with bottles as vases or having single stemmed flowers scattered around. (first row) The flowers you chose will most probably tie in with the bouquets you had in the ceremony earlier as well as the flowers you used to keep a flow throughout the day.

However, you don’t have to go for the flower arrangement but go for a different style of plant (bottom row) or even settle for candles. Centrepieces are the focal point of the table and therefore really show off the personality of your wedding show getting creative is an absolute must! Whether it’s the colour scheme or the style of arrangement you should try and keep all parts of your Wedding day connected. You don’t want the different ceremonies to feel disjointed or like separate events.

Play with lighting & flowers to truly create some luxurious centrepieces & send your guests home in awe!

Making your wedding bouquet as individual as you!

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Welcome to Greek Concierge’s Wedding blog! We’re very excited to be launching and have bundles of ideas and inspiration to share to make your wedding as bespoke and luxurious as possible. To stay tuned for a tonne of posts on all things wedding.

Our starting point is with your bouquet! It is a creative arrangement of flowers (or whatever you wish) that you’ll be holding as you walk down that aisle! You should make it as individual as you want, it can also be the focal point for your colour theme throughout the wedding.

There are many different ways you can style your bouquet, from a nosegay, crescent and cascading. You can chose a mixture of a variety of flowers which will compliment each other. You can make it as simple as you wish with a single flower & colour, a slight variation with pearls or go completely tropical and mix exciting, bold and exotic together to create an astounding bouquet. (top line)

Colours & textures are all what make a bouquet individual and it’s very difficult to find similar to another. There is such a large variation of flowers and greenery to pick from! (middle line) You could even follow in the footsteps of Kate Middleton and select flowers for their meaning. You also don’t have to stop at just flowers! You can add different types of greenery, crystals beads, broaches or add a contrasting band where you hold it in theme with your wedding. (bottom line)

Try and make it reflect your own personal style and possibly even the shape of your gown. You can reveal the personality of yourself through it, the key is make it like you & your wedding and let the rest of your flower arrangements follow it.

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