Dresses for all ‘wedding’ occasions

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Wedding season means that the bride will be shopping for many dresses. Weddings last more than one day and consist of hen nights, brunches, meeting the in laws all the way to the rehearsal dinner. So here are some ideas for what to look for when shopping for all your special occasions.

Rehearsal dinner dress

These dress ideas are great for a dress rehearsal. They are simple yet elegant. The floor length gives the dress a sexy sophisticated look, which is something that you should go for on the rehearsal dinner. You can go for a floor length or a mid-length dress.  You could also wear a dress like this on the evening of your wedding if you want to change out of the wedding dress for dancing.

Hen night dress

The hen night is a very special occasion; it your last night out with the girls before you become a married women. It’s one where you can were a short flirty dress. You can choose to add sparkle to the dress or ruffles or even sequins. It’s really up to you.  It’s another excuse to wear a beautiful dress as you can set the dress code as casual or extravagant as you wish.  You could where a white cocktail dress so that you stand out as the bride even before your big day.

Pre wedding brunch

These dresses are perfect for a sunny, wedding planning, brunch with your girlfriends. These are cute spring/summer pastel coloured dresses perfect in the summer sun. You can also go for bold prints and patterns. These dresses are comfortable and stylish .


The Honeymoon dress

Straight after the wedding you will be heading into the sunset. That can only mean it’s time to shop around for some hot buys to wear on you honeymoon. You can keep it sexy with a maxi dress or casual will a kaftan. Here are some ideas on what to wear for the honeymoon. Just remember to do patterns, prints and bold colours; for a tropical look.

When it comes to weddings it’s good to remember to shop around for all the exciting occasions that come with getting married, and it’s a fabulous excuse to buy more than one ‘wedding’ outfit.

Written by: Nila Sabar

Edited by: Laura Nikita Mitchell

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Unique Wedding Invitations

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He finally proposed and you’re going to spend the rest of your life with the man of your dreams. Congratulations!

Your wedding invitations need to set the tone for future celebrations and stylishly announce the new and exciting journey you’re about to embark on. There are so many ingenious ways in which you can create your invitations – the choices are endless.  We have come up with four imaginative options to help you tell the world that you are the luckiest bride alive.


CD or Video Invitation 


Why not send your loved ones a personal message and place your invitation on a CD? Whether it be an audio track or a video montage, allow your guests to keep this as a special memento for your upcoming day! 



Photographic Montage Invitation

Don’t just tell people how you feel; let them see it with a series of romantic photographs. Get snappy happy and allow guests to visualise your day with a single photograph or a photographic montage.



Business Card Invitation



They’re neat, they’re compact and besides being absolutely adorable, they’re very professional. Create your own wedding day business cards and give them a magical twist by adding a “seed of love” in with the message. Guests will be able to grow their plant and watch it flourish along with your relationship.


Message In A Bottle Invitation


If we’ve not read Nicholas Sparks, we’ve seen Kevin Costner and Robin Wright on the big screen and whilst you might not want to send your declaration of love out to sea, you can use this tradition to inspire romance and turn your wedding into a starry-eyed film classic.


Written by: Kirsty Canning


Edited by: Laura Nikita Mitchell


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Beautiful Wedding Jewellery

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It is obvious that your main piece of jewellery on your wedding day will be your engagement and wedding rings, however it is important that you dazzle your guests with other accessories too! You must make sure that you are picking out stunning pieces of jewellery which will compliment your elegant dress and hairstyle. Alongside this your jewellery can match with other elements of your wedding too which I wish to show you today. So, I have decided to share with you some of my favourite pieces of jewellery which I feel would be beautiful for your wedding!


Perfect Pearls

Above are some chic ideas on how you can wear pearls on your wedding day! You could go simple and just have a sophisticated pair of pearl stud earrings. Or perhaps something more extravagant like a dangly pair. Make sure you match the colouring of your metal with your wedding ring to ensure you are looking as stylish as ever. You can even use pearl pendants as gifts to your bridesmaids which they could wear to match you. I love the mixture of lace and pearls for a more vintage style which expresses timeless elegance. You can also use different coloured pearls rather than just the classic white, such as pink/peach or blue/grey. Pearls can even then be used entwined with flowers for your centrepieces or to tie your bouquets together!



Dazzling Diamonds


In keeping with the theme of this year’s Diamond Jubilee, above are some beautiful examples of how you can wear diamonds on your wedding day, ensuring that you really do feel and look like royalty! The drop diamond earrings are extremely graceful yet also make a statement because of their gorgeous sparkle. You could go for a shape which matches your engagement ring whether it is marquise, round brilliant, princess cut or anything else! I also love the exquisite idea of combining pearls and diamonds. They really compliment each other and have a classic appeal. This could be in any piece of jewellery including brooches too!

All of these ideas will ensure that you are looking spectacular on your big day. I hope that they have inspired you to get thinking of gorgeous jewellery pieces to wear for your wedding.


Written by: Augusta Henning 


Edited by: Laura Nikita Mitchell


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Wedding Day Accessories

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Once you have found and picked the perfect wedding gown, you must then decide on the accessories that you are going to be wearing. You must remember accessories are what makes an outfit. You have to think of everything from shoes to veils.  We want this to be a fun and stress free experience for you, so we’ve come up with some beautiful ideas to inspire you.


Brides dedicate most of their time finding the right wedding dress; however a beautiful pair of shoes should be as important as they really complete the look and allow for self expression.  This season when choosing the right shoe go for something that is more glamorous, daring and modern, like a colourful or patterned shoe.  If you’re going for a modern traditional wedding though you will want to stick to the Ivory, creams and whites and could maybe personalise them with beaded or pearl embellishments.


One of the biggest trends emerging this season is the veil. They are available in all sizes and styles and they will add a touch of elegance and tradition to your wedding!  You can opt for delicate ribbon flowers, satin ribbon bows, bows, diamanté trimmed or other beautiful detailing.


You can find many beautiful designs which will be perfect for a wedding. It’s important to keep them small so a clutch or a small purse will be perfect.  You can find maybe styles of bridal bags that will compliment your wedding dress.  You could choose a plain white or ivory satin bag or go for something with pretty detailing such as bows, pearls or lace.

It’s important for every bride to feel special on her wedding day. Spend some time finding the perfect wedding day accessories to go with your wedding dress. It’s all worth the time and effort in the end; as you will look stunning on your big day!

Written By: Nila Sabar

Edited By: Laura Nikita Mitchell

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Wedding Cake Alternatives

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A time-honoured tradition, the wedding cake has fashioned itself into a fundamental part of nuptial celebrations. From its humble beginnings as a small wheat loaf, the concept for a wedding cake has evolved and thanks to the influence of the French, it has increased both in size and embellishment. We often associate weddings with the rituals of “something borrowed, something blue” or with carrying the bride over the threshold and the cutting of the cake is no exception. A symbol of your first act as a couple, cutting the wedding cake represents your future together and with such an elaborate action, one needs an elaborate cake.  The former popularity of a five-tiered fruit or sponge drizzle has given way to more creative and unconventional options. We’re here to share with you our top five ideas for the wedding cake alternative:   


Tiered Fruit


The phrase “have your cake and eat it” seems a fitting one for women as we understandably want the best of both worlds. Thanks to the innovative fruit tower, this has become a possibility. Gone are the problematic days of choosing between tempting calories and bland diets; we have come up with an option that incorporates both health and flavour. Scintillate your taste buds with the zesty tang of summer fruits.  With strawberries, blackberries, peaches and pears, there is an endless array of possibilities to choose from. Enjoy the fragrance and fruitilicious sweetness that nature brings and add a kick start to your evening celebrations.



Cheese Tower

Cut into a slice of Edam heaven and delight in the opportunity to go back to basics. This is every cheese lover’s dream. From brie and blue cheese to cheddar and caerphilly, select the savoury option and give your guests something to really talk about.


The Croquembouche

For “la pièce de résistance”, follow the French trail of chocolate, cream and caramel and marvel at the Croquembouche tower of perfection. Delicately layered in pastry and rich, velvety flavours, this is indulgence at its most extreme.



Last but not least, wedding cupcakes have risen in popularity over recent years and have become the preferred choice for young, up-and-coming couples. These miniature treats offer originality with a modern, classy twist. Custom-designed to your individual taste, cupcakes are the perfect way to show your flare and personality.



Whether it be fruit, cheese, chocolate, sweets or miniature treats, transform this conventional ritual into an unconventional idea that everyone will be talking about.


Written by: Kirsty Canning

Edited by: Laura Nikita Mitchell

The Vintage Wedding

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A vintage wedding is the perfect way to celebrate your special day if you are a sentimentalist who values tradition.  If you want to re-capture the beauty and elegance of an earlier age we have plenty of stunning ideas for you in this article.

The femininity of the vintage style is perfect for a special occasion such as a wedding.  The bride will look beautiful in an exquisite one off wedding dress.  The detailing on traditional dresses is exceptional and the craftsmanship that goes into each intricate beaded design or piece of lace is a masterpiece in itself.  The simple yet elegant a-line dress is another vintage favourite, teamed with a vintage hat, head net or 1940’s inspired hair style you will feel a film star.

The Bride

The décor 

When it comes to styling your wedding so much is dependant on decorations, flowers, props and those little extras that make your wedding personal and unique.  To create a vintage look you should use fine silver and bone china with hand painted feminine floral designs.  The flowers should be natural, fresh and plucked from an English country garden; it is nice to pick flowers with subtle fragrances to perfume your venue.


Above are some beautiful ideas to make your wedding extra special.  The picture on the left shows vintage wedding photos displayed amongst the flowers.  You could use old photographs of your parents or grandparents’ weddings and tie them to your bouquet to create a sentimental keepsake of your day.  The picture to the right shows a lovely home made confetti idea; using old music sheets, ribbon and lace you could make these little cones and fill them with dried roses or fresh rose petals to use as confetti.


Food and Drink

A high class tea party is a classic idea for a vintage spring/summer wedding.  The use of pastel colours creates a elegant backdrop to your festivities.  You could opt for an outdoor buffet consisting of salmon and cucumber sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and English jam, vintage sweets and cupcakes in lace skirts.  For refreshments you could serve tea in vintage tea cups, fresh cucumber water, pink grapefruit juice in rustic jam jars.  Another truly original idea is; home made lavender lemonade garnished with sprigs of fresh lavender.  It tastes delicious and its subtle lilac hue will look pretty amongst the fresh flowers and pastel coloured china .

I hope these ideas have inspired you to create your own Vintage Wedding.


Written by: Laura Nikita Mitchell
images from: pinterest

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