Welcome to Greek Concierge’s Wedding blog! We’re very excited to be launching and have bundles of ideas and inspiration to share to make your wedding as bespoke and luxurious as possible. To stay tuned for a tonne of posts on all things wedding.

Our starting point is with your bouquet! It is a creative arrangement of flowers (or whatever you wish) that you’ll be holding as you walk down that aisle! You should make it as individual as you want, it can also be the focal point for your colour theme throughout the wedding.

There are many different ways you can style your bouquet, from a nosegay, crescent and cascading. You can chose a mixture of a variety of flowers which will compliment each other. You can make it as simple as you wish with a single flower & colour, a slight variation with pearls or go completely tropical and mix exciting, bold and exotic together to create an astounding bouquet. (top line)

Colours & textures are all what make a bouquet individual and it’s very difficult to find similar to another. There is such a large variation of flowers and greenery to pick from! (middle line) You could even follow in the footsteps of Kate Middleton and select flowers for their meaning. You also don’t have to stop at just flowers! You can add different types of greenery, crystals beads, broaches or add a contrasting band where you hold it in theme with your wedding. (bottom line)

Try and make it reflect your own personal style and possibly even the shape of your gown. You can reveal the personality of yourself through it, the key is make it like you & your wedding and let the rest of your flower arrangements follow it.