We all appreciate incredible photography and wedding photography is no exception. It is a special day which photographers are finding new ways of capturing apart from the ‘norm’ Here i’ve decided to show you a selection of beautiful wedding images which I feel capture the day in a unique and special way.

Wedding photography is so incredibly important so that when you look back on your day you can relish it through all the moments captured. It is important you do some serious research or ask your Wedding Planner to come up with their highest recommended photographers and view their portfolios. You want to see their work and how they may capture your own special day. Also, take inspiration from other wedding shoots and figure out what you’d like and instruct the photographer. Remember it is your day, and you take control on how you want it to be documented.

In addition, Videography is just as important as you will have the chance to relive the day with the sounds and events of the day. It is important that if you decide to record your ceremony that you visit the venue with your videographer so they can work out how they will record the event without disrupting your guests view. It is of the utmost important that they go unnoticed.

Make sure your day is captured because these will be the memories you look back upon.