As the days are getting longer and the temperature is rising, we can see spring in all of its glory. Embrace the yellows, blues and pinks of this season and dress your precious little flower girls in outfits that will complement the weather outside.

Little Sailor 


(images from pinterest: photographer unknown)

Incorporate the nautical look into your wedding day by including navy blue and crisp white stripe dresses.  The ‘little sailor’ is a fresh and bold image for this year’s spring and summer weddings.


Ray of Sunshine


(right image: tutorial at sewing in No Mans land)

This spring is set for polka dots, flowers, stripes and pretty bows. Allow your flower girls to feel like little princesses as you clothe them in florals and flowing dresses.




(right image: Brown Tulle Flower Girl via Oh One Fine Day, Fashion by Fluffy Tuffies on

The very picture of innocence, your flower girls will add a touch of seasonal glamour in these earth-coloured dresses.


Written By: Kirsty Canning.