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The Islands of Love

Posted 3 years ago by Amy Whitehouse in

Your wedding day is a special time in your life that you dream about from when you are a child. Finding the perfect person that you are totally in love with and want to spend the rest of your life with is something that deserves the most beautiful ceremony and celebration. So why not paint this perfect picture in the Greek Islands.

Exotic sandy beaches, its beautiful relaxed atmosphere, domed monasteries, the sparkling sapphire Aegean sea, breath taking sunsets and its vibrant history, are only a few of the reasons why the Greek islands are seen as the most romantic locations in the world. Every corner of Greece holds a beautiful story to tell, one of which could be yours.

In a country so rich and varied, it’s incredibly easy to find a location for your ideal wedding that meets your every wish….


Santorini is one of the many gorgeous islands that could be the ideal location for you, it is seen as the most romantic Greek island due to its breathtaking views and picturesque coastlines. Discover the towns that cling precariously to the side of volcanic cliffs, the many beautiful beaches that line the east coast and the enchanting, traditional churches. Santorini is home to the most alluring towns filled with excellent restaurants and exclusive shops tucked amongst its winding, whitewashed streets. The east coast of the island is where you will find the best volcanic beaches with crystal-clear waters.


Some of the most beautiful wedding hotspots in Santorini are….

St Irene Chapel – Set in the heart of Santorini St Irene Chapel holds the most breathtaking sea views. Its idyllic location enables you to be able to say your vows whist on a quaint balcony over looking the romantic santorini town.

Andronis Hotel Wedding Terrace – This gorgeous wedding spot is on a overhanging cliff face making you feel as if you are alone on the most beautiful island in the world. During sunset the colours of the sky bounce of the white washed houses of santorini creating an ideal setting for your wedding.

Church of Anastasia – If you prefer a more traditional church wedding the church of Anastasia is a must. It is a quaint typically greek setting with a beautiful bell tower feature that holds gorgeous views of the island.

Dana Villas –  provides a dream setting situated upon a private terrace in the capital Fira. This location over looks stunning volcanic views. The spectacular views provide the perfect setting with the dressed pergola and soft candle light contribute to the atmosphere of this unique setting.

Santo Winery – is one of the most popular ceremony venues on the island. The outdoor location provides beautiful panoramic island views. Santo Winery is located in Megalochori that is between Perissa/Perivolos and Fira.

Greek Concierge can provide all of this for you and your wedding, don’t hesitate to contact us and book a consultation so we can start making your wedding dreams become reality.

The classic & timeless RedBlack Wedding Theme

Posted 4 years ago by Sundari Uthaya in

Here is our first wedding decor inspiration board! With Valentines day coming up  in a month, I cannot be distracted from the idea of a truely spectacular romantic wedding, and for me I envisgaed the classic Red & Black theme. It’s a popular choice for the sophisticated couple and it really highlights a mature elegance & beauty.

Some may think it’s a typical choice of theme but it really isn’t as many people fear it’s intensity as well as it’s darkness. It really does represent a deep passion as well hinting at a dark vintage style.

You can take the Red&Black theme and truely make it however you wish, whether it’s subtly placed within your flowers/accessories or whether you take the strong dedication to keeping it a throughout theme with all stationary, flowers, decorations & bridesmaids/groomsmen aheering to it.

I recently watched a video on Elysium productions blog where the couple followed a Redblack theme and it just oozed classic elegance & class! I adored it!

For a Redblack themed wedding I envisage, candles, black and red silk drapes, red brides maids, red roses, petals… just opulance!

Images taken from Pin interest

Stationary by Emma Jo

The Bride’s hairstyle : Inspirational styles for your hair on the special day

Posted 4 years ago by Sundari Uthaya in

  We all take pride in our hair and on your wedding day we want (and need) it to look it’s best! But with some many different styles out there it’ll be hard to decide which one to go for though you may have a built up image of how you’ll look which’ll help in narrowing your options down.

 Top Row : The updo – You can have a beautifully constructed updo which works with hair accessories incredibly. It also shows off your shoulders and neckline for a gorgeous eleganance

Middle Row : Romantic length – If you’re blessed with some gorgeous locks (or amazing hair extentions) why not a hair-down look. Gentle waves & curls create a glamourous look reminiscent of the hollywood stars! The sweepy fringes and middle parting are very in with celebrities.

Bottom Row : Or whatever you want  – Whether you go for a sleek pony tail, tight curls pinned back or a gorgeous updo it should represent you. You don’t want the groom to not recognise you, so go for something that is an amped up version of your favourite style

Pop to your hairdresser and discuss what works for you and go from there. Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions on what suits you and what will be the best option for your special day. Trails are also VERY important, same with your make up. You need to make sure your stylist does a test run with you to make sure you’re 100% happy with your decision, it prevents any tantrusm and tears on the morning of!

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Bridesmaids ideas, make sure they look just as stunning as your wedding!

Posted 4 years ago by Sundari Uthaya in

There are so many ways to style your bridesmaids! There are a horrible connotation with the ‘bridesmaid’ and the horrible dresses! Don’t let your closest friends fall into this stereotype. You want your them to look as stunning as they possibly can as they’ll be on show all the time, rushing around helping you and your guests.

Here’s a post to give you a bit of inspiration into what style you want to go for with your ladies :

1. Similar toned dresses, but all different. This is a lovely way of keeping each bridesmaids individuality as well as keeping in with your wedding colour scheme! This allows your girls to have a lot more choice and say in what they wear whilst still keeping true to your personal taste!

2. Patterns! This is a definite different style for your bridesmaids. Most bride’s keep their maids to one colour, but here we have a pattern & coloured hems and it looks great! So, don’t stick to one solid colour if you don’t want to!

3. The Maxi dress. Now this, for me, is possibly the most romantic & elegant choice you can go for with your bridesmaids. It’s also very flattering to most body shapes so it’s a great choice!

4. The short dress! Whether it’s below or above the knee, the shorter dress is a lot more of a girlie style for your maids! Brilliant choice if your wedding is more of a girlie & young themed.
5. The alternating bridesmaid. Now how amazing is this idea, whether it’s their shoes, dresses, accessories or even tights you can have alternating maids which represent a number of different colours. Just remember to keep one main factor of the outfit matching, then they will all work together.

You can go absolutely wild with your colours and dress styles or keep it as simple & elegant as you want! It’s all your choice, but keep your maids personal styles in mind.

Gorgeous wedding gown alert! Stun the world with your dress

Posted 4 years ago by Sundari Uthaya in

Now this is the most important decision a Bride can make. What she wears down the aisle.. It’s the true statement of her personality & personal style. It’s obviously a daunting task to even begin deciding what sort of gown you would like, so we’re going to run through a variety of options for you to think about! Just to help

1. Exposure! Want to expose some skin at the back, through lace or in an intricate design? Here’s two gowns which we think do it with class and elegance!  It’s a definite option to bring a young yet classic feel to the dress. Lace is a favourite option as well!

2. Necklines. The sweetheart neckline. One of my favourite styles for a wedding gown. You can have many different styles (shown later) but for me, a sweetheart neckline represents romance & beauty. It’s stunning and possibly one of the most popular choice for a wedding gown.

3. Think about what sort of shape you want for your gown. It’s similar to how you want any other dress to fit you. Do you want a a dramatic fan out? a subtle mermaid style, the elegant long trail or the shorter swooped trail? Think about your body shape and what you think will suit it! If you’re not sure, go and try and variety of styles and chose your favourite. Remember, an important factor of your gown is that you feel comfortable! If you don’t feel comfortable, you won’t feel any more comfortable on the day when you are the centre of attention!

4. A way to individualise your gown is by making the back stand out! Whether it’s a to the floor ribbon, embroidery, lace or ruffles, pick something exciting which represents you and what you love! You want people to not only love the front of your dress, but the back too! All eyes are on you, from every direction. Remember that.

5. Embellishments are a fun way to make your dress personal. Silk, lace & crystals are all popular ways to add the extra ‘wow factor’ to your gown! Here are a few ideas we love! I particularly love the embroidery crystal belt!

6. Materiality is also an important choice with your gown. With many different choices, chose one which you feel moves and looks how you want it to. Whether it’s silk, taffeta, satin or organza, select something you feel gorgeous in! One of my favourites is Tulle. I adore the way it looks & moves! Movement is key!

Designer Pick : Caroline Castigliano

“At Caroline Castigliano we believe that the purchase of your wedding dress is one of the most important decisions of your life and we delight in making it an experience you will look back on and cherish forever.”

We simply adore Caroline’s designs and have selected a few to share with you!

From top left

1. Walk in the Park – The Oscar Collection

“Silk organza strapless fishtail gown with soft pleated organza bodice and heavily embellished diamante belt”

2. Maldives – The Opulent Collection

“A-line lace wedding gown with taffeta midriff and detachable taffeta train”

3. The Madamoiselle – The Oscar Collection

“French Chantilly lace boat neck bodice, low back and ¾ length sleeves. Over 100% silk duchess satin corset and dramatic circular silk organza skirt”

4. Beauty – The Opulent Collection

“Graceful strapless satin bodice with Chantille lace waistband and organza tulle skirt with black velvet sash” 


Your wedding dress represents you, make sure to stun them all! Especially your husband-to-be!

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