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The Beautiful Ionian Islands

Posted 3 years ago by Amy Whitehouse in

Another beautiful hotspot for your wedding abroad, within the Ionian Islands, would be Kefalonia….

Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands and is known for its sandy coves, rocky coastlines, mountainous backdrops and pretty traditional villages vie for your attention on this beautiful island. It is full of gorgeous little coves, tremendous blue ocean views and holds so many beautiful traditionally greek towns, sleepy villages, churches and monasteries. The precipitous cliffs shelter secluded mountain coves and narrow lanes criss-cross through extensive olive groves and vineyards. Kefalonia being ones of the greenest islands, the spring flowers are breathtaking – covering the island in flourishes of colour and beauty. Wouldn’t this be the perfect setting for your wedding to be held?

But where abouts its Kefalonia would be the perfect location to get married, don’t worry, I shall be telling you all you will need to know, if you choose the gorgeous ionian island as your wedding destination your choice is endless….

Boat cruise: Have you ever dreamt about getting married out to sea? with the gorgeous glisten of the ocean and the peace and quiet of the open water. Kefalonia allows you to do just this, with the boat of your choice, from a small 6 person boat to a slightly larger 100 person boat. You can sail out to sea or stay around the shores to a secluded wedding reception on a private beach, where you can enjoy a swim in the warm waters while a romantic dinner is being prepared for you and your guests. A really great treat for your guests and a fantastic opportunity to see the rugged coastline of Kefalonia from the sea.

On the Beach: How about your wedding being held on a private beach, with you, your guests and the delightful sound of the lapping tide at your feet? Sounds perfect doesn’t it? Kefalonia is surrounded by large and small beaches, some public, some private, some accessible only by boat but all of them offering a truly romantic location to exchange your wedding vows.

A traditional Greek Chapel: If your dream is to be married surrounded in the tradition of Greece then this is the venue for you. There are lots of chapels in Kefalonia, each with their own individual feel and character…… from old stone, traditional, to newer, modern chapels, why not have a symbolic ceremony on the steps of your chosen chapel with covered chairs for all your guests and a celebrant to perform a ceremony just like a real wedding ceremony.

Olive Grove Retreat: Or how about having your wedding venue in the depths of olive groves? A unique environment for a memorable experience, offering you tranquility, privacy, relaxation, nature and a brand new experience for your wedding ceremony in Kefalonia.

Catholic Church: In the depths of the Kefalonian capital Argostoli, is a small, quaint church offering catholic wedding ceremonies to catholic brides and grooms. This ideal location is beautiful and holds excitement and something a little different to the catholic churches in England.

A Winery: It might sounds weird but destination weddings at a vineyard are becoming very popular in Kefalonia….. more and more couples are choosing to celebrate their special day with the lush backdrop of vibrant, green vines while experiencing the ambience and delicious wines.

The romantic venue, hotspots and locations are endless in Kefalonia, you will be sure to find the perfect location for you, if you were to choose this breathtaking island to the be the anchor of your love and partnership.



Greek Concierge can provide all of this for you and your wedding, don’t hesitate to contact us and book a consultation so we can start making your wedding dreams become reality.

The classic & timeless RedBlack Wedding Theme

Posted 4 years ago by Sundari Uthaya in

Here is our first wedding decor inspiration board! With Valentines day coming up  in a month, I cannot be distracted from the idea of a truely spectacular romantic wedding, and for me I envisgaed the classic Red & Black theme. It’s a popular choice for the sophisticated couple and it really highlights a mature elegance & beauty.

Some may think it’s a typical choice of theme but it really isn’t as many people fear it’s intensity as well as it’s darkness. It really does represent a deep passion as well hinting at a dark vintage style.

You can take the Red&Black theme and truely make it however you wish, whether it’s subtly placed within your flowers/accessories or whether you take the strong dedication to keeping it a throughout theme with all stationary, flowers, decorations & bridesmaids/groomsmen aheering to it.

I recently watched a video on Elysium productions blog where the couple followed a Redblack theme and it just oozed classic elegance & class! I adored it!

For a Redblack themed wedding I envisage, candles, black and red silk drapes, red brides maids, red roses, petals… just opulance!

Images taken from Pin interest

Stationary by Emma Jo

Unique & beautiful wedding accessories & decorations to delight your guests with

Posted 4 years ago by Sundari Uthaya in

Couples are becoming to realise how their wedding can be unique avoiding the run of the mill stereotypes and here at GCweddings we know decorations play an exciting role in this! We’ve collated a load of different decoration ideas for you to ponder over and get inspired as well as getting those creative juices flowing!

Forget flowers for a moment here, we’re talking about everything else! Here are some inspirational images

(from top left to right)

How about water & fire.. The idea of candles combined with water, floating is a very romantic and seductive decoration! It sets the mood with the candles and an added softness with the water.

I adore the idea of having a ‘wedding drink’ and the next image shows specially made straws! What a cute way of keeping a theme!

Feathers mixed with flowers is a gorgeous way to add something extra to your displays and creates a boutique feeling

Now this isn’t for everyone but paperchains & thin tinsel! This just shows how elegant simple decorations can be, and if that’s what represents you and your partner then don’t be afraid to do it! There is no pressure into having an over the top, bling-bling decor!

Think of different vases for your flowers (discussed in previous post link)

How about books? If you and your partner are big readers then adapt these into your decorations! You can apply this to any hobby that you and your partner share!

Get your ideas flowing by writing down hobbies, colours & things you and your partner both love and from there on you can create a wedding which truly represents you or psst just tell your planner and we’ll do all the hard work ;)

Create a garden of your wedding

Posted 4 years ago by Sundari Uthaya in

Flowers Flowers Flowers! We all know the bog standard ways you can decorate your venue with just bouquets etc but I want you to discover with me the new ways of flower décor and making it unique for your own style & wedding.

For me, flowers are necessary to every wedding as they assist in creating a fresh atmosphere as well as having their own meanings. I’ve already discussed in a previous posts about bouquets and different ways of selecting which flowers you can choose, so this post will be about showing you new, exciting ideas which you could incorporate or adopt in your wedding!

So lets begin with some random unique ideas! (from left to right)

I simply adore this idea of filling tall vases with flowers right to the brim, with alternating shades! I think it’s a gorgeous way to display flowers and these can go anywhere within your venue. Whether they sit by the doors or around the aisle.

The over the top hanging centre pieces, I love this! The idea of having elaborate centre pieces is one thing but with the added hanging flowers just makes it that more over the top. With these you will not be needing many flowers elsewhere!

The gradient flower display is a gorgeous idea and yes it may not be over the top, but it’s another way to display an array of flowers in different shades. You don’t have to only do this with one colour, you can make it a variation of colours merging from one to another, like a rainbow

The cupcake flowers, not only can you have flowers but you can have deserts which look like your flowers! This idea is adorable and very clever having the icing manipulated to represent the petals of the flowers used in the display. This can be incorporated into your wedding cake as well!

The aisle stoppers! Now I think that aisle has to be more than just a corridor of faces, but also filled with intricate displays of flowers! Whether it’s petals running along the floor or trimming the edges, to hanging buckets! The more creative, the more exciting!

Different styles of vases to how the flowers is a great way of making your flowers look unique. From different flowers in different styled glass vases to hanging cages! You can get as unique as you like as well as mixing other elements such as candles, ribbons & crystals to truly create your very own display. Who really wants to pick something out of a brochure?

Get those creating juices flowing and discover new individual ways of decorating your venue!

The most stunning & magnificent London wedding venues

Posted 4 years ago by Sundari Uthaya in

I’ve rounded up the top wedding stunning venues in London.

Do you want to have an exception venue within London for your wedding? Well take a look at this quick guide of a selection of beautiful venues and take your pick!

1. Kew Gardens offers up a selection of gorgeous venues, from the Cambridge Cottage to the Nash Conservartory. Plus with the gorgeous backdrop of the gardens you will find yourself lost within nature & beauty. Most of the venues have license for the civil ceremony and offer a guest list of upto 200 for the ceremony and 230 for a seated reception.

2. The Swan Globe is a gorgeously unique wedding venue. Based within Shakespere’s Globe Theatre, say you’re ‘i dos’  and celebrate your day over looking the Thames towards St PaulsGuestlist in the balcony room can extend to 70 and to 300 in the Under Globe.

3. Coq d’Argent offers a gorgeous oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of London. It offers a gorgeous roof terrace and chic gardens with a stunning view of the city. Guestlist upto 150

4. Kensington Gardens is another choice if you’re looking for another roof terrace venue with stunning gardens and incredible views. This is possibly one of my favourites, it completely transports you to another country with the surroundings and offers an incredible atmosphere. Guestlist upto 500

5. Claridges is just one of those exquisite venues and is a top choice for the celebrity weddings as well proving it’s desirability. The décor of chandeliers and mirrors in the ball room give it a feeling of true luxury. Tie the knot here and you’ll be following in the footsteps of David Walliams & Lara Stone and Rachel Stevens & Alex Bourne!

There are many more to discover within London, so here’s a quick list of others I adore

6. The Dorechester

7. 30 Pavillion Road

8. The Savoy

9. Mandarin Oriental

10. Silver Fleet Boats – The Savoy Pier




Inspiring wedding photography, the most beautiful moments caught on camera

Posted 4 years ago by Sundari Uthaya in

We all appreciate incredible photography and wedding photography is no exception. It is a special day which photographers are finding new ways of capturing apart from the ‘norm’ Here i’ve decided to show you a selection of beautiful wedding images which I feel capture the day in a unique and special way.

Wedding photography is so incredibly important so that when you look back on your day you can relish it through all the moments captured. It is important you do some serious research or ask your Wedding Planner to come up with their highest recommended photographers and view their portfolios. You want to see their work and how they may capture your own special day. Also, take inspiration from other wedding shoots and figure out what you’d like and instruct the photographer. Remember it is your day, and you take control on how you want it to be documented.

In addition, Videography is just as important as you will have the chance to relive the day with the sounds and events of the day. It is important that if you decide to record your ceremony that you visit the venue with your videographer so they can work out how they will record the event without disrupting your guests view. It is of the utmost important that they go unnoticed.

Make sure your day is captured because these will be the memories you look back upon.

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