It is obvious that your main piece of jewellery on your wedding day will be your engagement and wedding rings, however it is important that you dazzle your guests with other accessories too! You must make sure that you are picking out stunning pieces of jewellery which will compliment your elegant dress and hairstyle. Alongside this your jewellery can match with other elements of your wedding too which I wish to show you today. So, I have decided to share with you some of my favourite pieces of jewellery which I feel would be beautiful for your wedding!


Perfect Pearls

Above are some chic ideas on how you can wear pearls on your wedding day! You could go simple and just have a sophisticated pair of pearl stud earrings. Or perhaps something more extravagant like a dangly pair. Make sure you match the colouring of your metal with your wedding ring to ensure you are looking as stylish as ever. You can even use pearl pendants as gifts to your bridesmaids which they could wear to match you. I love the mixture of lace and pearls for a more vintage style which expresses timeless elegance. You can also use different coloured pearls rather than just the classic white, such as pink/peach or blue/grey. Pearls can even then be used entwined with flowers for your centrepieces or to tie your bouquets together!



Dazzling Diamonds


In keeping with the theme of this year’s Diamond Jubilee, above are some beautiful examples of how you can wear diamonds on your wedding day, ensuring that you really do feel and look like royalty! The drop diamond earrings are extremely graceful yet also make a statement because of their gorgeous sparkle. You could go for a shape which matches your engagement ring whether it is marquise, round brilliant, princess cut or anything else! I also love the exquisite idea of combining pearls and diamonds. They really compliment each other and have a classic appeal. This could be in any piece of jewellery including brooches too!

All of these ideas will ensure that you are looking spectacular on your big day. I hope that they have inspired you to get thinking of gorgeous jewellery pieces to wear for your wedding.


Written by: Augusta Henning 


Edited by: Laura Nikita Mitchell


all images taken from pinterest