Every bride aims to look their very best on their special day. Starting with the all important dress and down to the matching shoes, all eyes should be on her as she walks down that aisle. Bride-to-be’s have that certain glow from the moment they are proposed to and all the way through to the I do’s. So why not brighten that glow even more? Makeup is as crucial as, dare I say, the wedding dress. No matter how beautiful and perfect the dress may be, it should not take the attention away from the bride herself. To do so, a little colour is required to accentuate her beautiful features. Her look has to be just as striking, if not more, than her dress. After all, she wears the dress, the dress does not wear her.

Hiring a professional makeup artist would always be on the bride’s to-do list. With the help of these professionals a woman can relax and take comfort in the fact that it is one thing they can tick off their list, knowing it would be done right. Not only would the bride be taken care of, her lovely entourage would be just as pretty as she. Pre-wedding consultations are always recommended, where the artist can do a trial run with the bride. Here, they would be testing out different shades that would go perfectly with the dress and the wedding as a whole.

Professional artists such as  Jutheanne Cruz   (freelance makeup artist) offer makeup and hair styling so the bride can look the part. Whether you opt for a natural look or the more dramatic with smoky eyes, you can be sure that skilled and certified artists like Jutheanne know their craft.

Makeup artists like J. Cruz , can also be useful for those celebrating with themed weddings. Whether it’s goth chic or the world of fairy tale fantasy, makeup helps create that for you. Don’t be fooled, not all artists are skilled in this field. Be sure to book that pre-wedding consultation and see what they can truly do.

For those who would like to follow Kate Middleton’s footsteps, the Duchess of Cambridge herself, and would like to apply their own makeup, there are also services available where these professionals offer their assistance in shopping for the right cosmetic products. Help in knowing the right shade and colour can take away any concerns you may have venturing in to makeup application.

All women are beautiful and unique in their own way, makeup merely highlights this.

Written by: Rica Tenchavez
Photographs taken from:
 Jutheanne Cruz (Makeup Artist)