As a universal signifier of the bond between husband and wife, rings are the traditional show of commitment that is exchanged during proposals and wedding ceremonies. It is an exciting part of solidifying a relationship and celebrating the next adventure in store for a couple.  It’s circular shape symbolizes the eternal love, devotion and commitment the couple will show each other through sickness and health. Serving also as a daily reminder of the love they share.

Although rings already have a wealth of sentimental value, they can be even more special and unique when they’re personalised.  Getting your ring hand made to a personal design or engraving a message on the inside of the ring can create something unique and special.  It is important to pick high quality and timeless jewellery that is true to who you are and embodies your relationship; as you will be wearing it forever.  Below are some classic and elegant designs.


Simple Elegant Diamonds



Rings cater to an array of styles, allowing any kind of stone set into the band.  The classic engagement ring stone is the Diamond but some people might like this set against other precious stones such as: Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds. It’s worth bearing in mind, that these options are steeped in elegance and prestige and the darker the colour the more expensive the stone. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s much talked about Royal wedding had launched popular trends for impending marriages, particularly when it came to the ring. Kate’s oval sapphire engagement ring boasting 18-carats of diamond and sapphire is mouth-wateringly dazzling, prompting brides-to-be to get imitations since it looks so beautiful on Kate’s hand.


Coloured Stones with Diamonds 


Wedding bands are traditionally quite plain and come in varies metals such as Yellow Gold, White Gold and Platinum Each metal gracefully brings across the warmth and love of marriage in a simple yet classy way ensuring unending admiration.  The partners wedding bands are often matching and the women can also have hers as a complementary piece to her engagement ring.


Wedding Bands



In light of the leap year tradition, it is said that women can propose marriage on the 29th of February. The convention of courtship is pushed aside for the day, allowing women to brave and pop the question, despite society’s unwritten rule that only men take on the deed. In any case, whichever half takes the plunge, the ring is an important part of the process.  So in today’s article we have selected a few images of engagement rings for men.


Engagement rings for men


Written by: Georgie Bradley


Edited by: Laura Nikita Mitchell