Finding the perfect wedding gift can be an overwhelming experience. It should be something tasteful, luxurious and unique with lifetime value. And so it seems only right to share with you, it is rather like finding hidden treasure, The Little Costume Shop.

The Little Costume Shop was conceived by Vin Burnham, an international costume designer with an impressive track record at The Royal Opera House London and on Hollywood films such as Batman, The Fifth Element and Prometheus. Their latest endeavour offers a new and exciting bespoke service enabling the bride and bridesmaid to have their dress perfectly replicated in miniature. What could be more unique for the ultimate romantic wedding or anniversary gift?

“We believe that your original dress should not be relegated to tissue paper in a box. Instead it can be recreated in miniature to act as a joyful memento of the ‘big day’, to be displayed as an eye-catching work of art in the living room or on your dressing table.” – VB

These exquisite quarter scale gowns are made entirely by hand with the skill and remarkable attention to detail that Vin and her expert team imbue in each piece. Vintage textiles and lace, silks, hand painting, embroidery and Swarovski crystals are just a few of the elements used in creating these miniature works of art. Every unique commission is re-created from photographs and viewings of the original dress, even down to the veil, tiara and now, even hair!

Wig making is the latest skill that The Little Costume Shop has added to their ever-growing list of expertise. These beautiful wigs are made out of the finest human hair with each strand added meticulously by hand! A long and arduous process which adds the crowning glory to the finished piece. It’s easy to understand why these miniatures are limited edition collector’s items.

“When I saw it in all its glory, I felt almost as emotional as when I saw my original dress for the first time. Vin’s work meant that much more since she had replicated a memory just for me, a memory that is currently in a box underneath my bed at home. She has captured something that a photograph can’t – a physical piece of history that is now on display for me to look at every day. And the awe with which guests that visit my house look at it is just as wonderful. I have a story behind it – that the lady, who has had a career in films, television, ballet and theatre, dressing everyone from Batman to Lady Gaga, took the time out to create me something that I will cherish forever. This truly is one of a kind and you won’t find anything like it anywhere else.” – Nina

When presented with her wedding dress miniature Annabel said

“It is the ultimate souvenir of my big day, all my friends want one now!”

The Little Costume Shop also creates miniature ballet and opera costumes that would delight any new owner no matter the occasion and as Christmas is fast approaching why not treat your loved one to the most unique Christmas gift: our Snowflake Fairy costume miniature. With silver tissue glittering beneath the top layer of silk tulle, the bodice elaborately beaded with tiny Swarovski crystals, rhinestones and sequins this Fairy will be the perfect decoration for your home or tree!

Amoret was delighted when she received her miniature wedding dress.

“Everything down to the material, the ribbon, the bolero, was an exact match to what I was wearing on the day. It’s perfect”.

Have a look at our latest video to see the full view of our Lilac Fairy Miniature in all her glory

Further information and images are available from Vin on request – + 44 (0)7973 343739 or + 44 (0)1825 791563

Twitter: @VinBurnham, @Little Costume Shop

Photography by George Chinn and Rebecca Maynes