“Little works of art … ” Darcey Bussell
Available online at www.thelittlecostumeshop.com, at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, and at The Kennedy Center, Washington DC

The Little Costume Shop, known for it’s detailed quarter scale costumes and fashion has recently launched ‘Weddings’ which offers wedding and bridesmaid’s dresses made to perfection in quarter scale. Headdresses, tiaras, veils and bouquets can also be made to order. These make the most precious, romantic wedding and anniversary presents imaginable.

At The Little Costume Shop, meticulous attention is paid to achieving every last detail in producing their costume or wedding dress miniatures; they hunt down exactly the right type and weight of fabric, to reflect the cut and drapery of the original dress correctly, as well as scouring their “secret sources” of antique textiles for lace and trimmings which are expertly put together with contemporary silks from India, China, France and Switzerland.

Their mission is perfection, and to achieve this Vin favours traditional hand sewing skills, learned from their many combined years making period costumes for theatre and film, as well as couture sewing, but not to the exclusion of some surprising modern technology. Vin has recently introduced laser cutting into her extensive range of techniques to achieve a precision in materials from stainless steel to silk that would not otherwise be achievable by even the most skilled of hand workers.

Beading and bejeweling plays an important role in embellishing wedding dress miniatures; using needles the size of a hair, minute beads and sequins are sewn with fine silk thread. This process requires endless patience. It is simply not possible to rush the work, it takes ‘as long as it takes’. Vin explains “In these days of impossibly tight deadlines, mass production and ‘time is money’, we have deliberately chosen not to subscribe to this ethos”. With memories of her Grandmother spending hour upon hour embroidering forget-me-knots onto tablecloths, Vin and her team find the slow, painstaking work has an almost meditative effect, and is consequently all the more rewarding. “If a job is rushed, it is stressful, and this has a detrimental affect on the final result. If it is a pleasure to make it will look better, it is as simple as that”.

Wedding dress replica’s in quarter scale start at around £1500 and children’s bridesmaids dresses from £750. For a free estimate, please send a clear full-length photo of your dress to Vin at vinilla@me.com or join the mailing list at www.thelittlecostumeshop.com

Further information and images are available from Vin on request – vinilla@thelittlecostumeshop.com

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Photo Credits: Richard Wilding