The wedding cake is traditionally a very symbolic part of the wedding ceremony.  The colour of the cake was traditionally white to symbolise purity and the action of cutting the cake shows the bride and grooms first joint task in married life.  The action of feeding the cake to one another was meant to show commitment and intimacy between the pair.

In a more modern world the cake is something which can be as varied as the couple wish and is often something the bride enjoys choosing and the guests enjoy eating!  The craft of cake making is still very much alive and the art of wedding cake making can be the forte of any bakers resume.


Cake Flavours

You could opt for a traditional fruit cake, lighter sponge, indulgent chocolate, zesty lemon or moist carrot.  So if a traditional fruit cake with marzipan isn’t for you it isn’t a problem.  These days most cake makers cater to all tastes and you can often organise to sample the variety of cakes before you make your decision.  Below are some examples of chocolate wedding cakes with chocolate topping but you can mix it up as much as you like, some people even have different cake for different tiers.

Cake design

The design of the cake can be very personal to you.  You might want a traditional white piped cakes or something more modern and unique. You could match your cake to your dress, ring, flowers and the more general theme and decor.   The most important thing are the final touches and detailing on a cake as this is what makes it really special.  It is important that it reflects the couple’s personalities and that it works well with all the other aesthetics of the wedding.  You could match the cake with the lace of your dress, the white roses of your bouquet or the purple colour theme like the images below.

Popular cake designs

Traditional white piped cakes are still extremely popular and create a elegant and sophisticated ambiance.  Another very popular choice is a floral design and you can opt for fresh flowers or sugar paste.  A floral design can be beautiful in pastel shades or bright summer colours.  The three tiered cake is still the most popular choice but many people are now opting for a tower of cupcakes which is a beautiful alternative and can make dishing it out to the guests much easier.

I hope this article has given you some inspiration as to the type of wedding cake you would like for your special day.

Written by: Laura Nikita Mitchell