When it comes to food, it can be just as much of an event as the wedding itself. It is important to create a gastronomic experience for you and your guests to enjoy; with delicious food prepared and presented with flair. Tradition sees a three course meal brimming with elegant food. This is always a winner however the less is more concept is key to achieving a chic balance of minimalist gourmet splendor. Not only is mini food aesthetically pleasing, it is also practical and sophisticated. It doesn’t mean your guests have to be left with measly portions it simply means there is more room for variety and people can walk around and socialise as they eat.

The beauty of bite sized food is that you can play around with what you serve; anything from classic quiches to sausage rolls to fun mini burgers or fish and chips- always a crowd pleaser. It has become fashionable to put together a range of ‘mix and match’ foods from fused cuisines, complimenting different worldly tastes and styles.

You can get very creative with mini desserts. If you have a base fruit, dipping and dunking it in sauces and then finishing it off with encrusted nuts is a bit of heaven. Piercing these treats on a decorative or plain stick gives a modern look as well as making it an easier and efficient way to eat. You could opt for mini wedding cakes or ice creams for the summer. 

These mini meals made up of delicious finger foods can replace bulky mains without taking away the excitement of a hearty feast. It is a fantastic opportunity to experiment and can create great artist table displays.  This is a great alternative if you want your wedding to have a more relaxed fun vibe.


Written by: Georgie Bradley

Edited by: Laura Nikita Mitchell