A time-honoured tradition, the wedding cake has fashioned itself into a fundamental part of nuptial celebrations. From its humble beginnings as a small wheat loaf, the concept for a wedding cake has evolved and thanks to the influence of the French, it has increased both in size and embellishment. We often associate weddings with the rituals of “something borrowed, something blue or with carrying the bride over the threshold and the cutting of the cake is no exception. A symbol of your first act as a couple, cutting the wedding cake represents your future together and with such an elaborate action, one needs an elaborate cake.  The former popularity of a five-tiered fruit or sponge drizzle has given way to more creative and unconventional options. We’re here to share with you our top five ideas for the wedding cake alternative:   


Tiered Fruit


The phrase “have your cake and eat it” seems a fitting one for women as we understandably want the best of both worlds. Thanks to the innovative fruit tower, this has become a possibility. Gone are the problematic days of choosing between tempting calories and bland diets; we have come up with an option that incorporates both health and flavour. Scintillate your taste buds with the zesty tang of summer fruits.  With strawberries, blackberries, peaches and pears, there is an endless array of possibilities to choose from. Enjoy the fragrance and fruitilicious sweetness that nature brings and add a kick start to your evening celebrations.



Cheese Tower

Cut into a slice of Edam heaven and delight in the opportunity to go back to basics. This is every cheese lover’s dream. From brie and blue cheese to cheddar and caerphilly, select the savoury option and give your guests something to really talk about.


The Croquembouche

For “la pièce de résistance”, follow the French trail of chocolate, cream and caramel and marvel at the Croquembouche tower of perfection. Delicately layered in pastry and rich, velvety flavours, this is indulgence at its most extreme.



Last but not least, wedding cupcakes have risen in popularity over recent years and have become the preferred choice for young, up-and-coming couples. These miniature treats offer originality with a modern, classy twist. Custom-designed to your individual taste, cupcakes are the perfect way to show your flare and personality.



Whether it be fruit, cheese, chocolate, sweets or miniature treats, transform this conventional ritual into an unconventional idea that everyone will be talking about.


Written by: Kirsty Canning

Edited by: Laura Nikita Mitchell