Here is our first wedding decor inspiration board! With Valentines day coming up  in a month, I cannot be distracted from the idea of a truely spectacular romantic wedding, and for me I envisgaed the classic Red & Black theme. It’s a popular choice for the sophisticated couple and it really highlights a mature elegance & beauty.

Some may think it’s a typical choice of theme but it really isn’t as many people fear it’s intensity as well as it’s darkness. It really does represent a deep passion as well hinting at a dark vintage style.

You can take the Red&Black theme and truely make it however you wish, whether it’s subtly placed within your flowers/accessories or whether you take the strong dedication to keeping it a throughout theme with all stationary, flowers, decorations & bridesmaids/groomsmen aheering to it.

I recently watched a video on Elysium productions blog where the couple followed a Redblack theme and it just oozed classic elegance & class! I adored it!

For a Redblack themed wedding I envisage, candles, black and red silk drapes, red brides maids, red roses, petals… just opulance!

Images taken from Pin interest

Stationary by Emma Jo