Couples are becoming to realise how their wedding can be unique avoiding the run of the mill stereotypes and here at GCweddings we know decorations play an exciting role in this! We’ve collated a load of different decoration ideas for you to ponder over and get inspired as well as getting those creative juices flowing!

Forget flowers for a moment here, we’re talking about everything else! Here are some inspirational images

(from top left to right)

How about water & fire.. The idea of candles combined with water, floating is a very romantic and seductive decoration! It sets the mood with the candles and an added softness with the water.

I adore the idea of having a ‘wedding drink’ and the next image shows specially made straws! What a cute way of keeping a theme!

Feathers mixed with flowers is a gorgeous way to add something extra to your displays and creates a boutique feeling

Now this isn’t for everyone but paperchains & thin tinsel! This just shows how elegant simple decorations can be, and if that’s what represents you and your partner then don’t be afraid to do it! There is no pressure into having an over the top, bling-bling decor!

Think of different vases for your flowers (discussed in previous post link)

How about books? If you and your partner are big readers then adapt these into your decorations! You can apply this to any hobby that you and your partner share!

Get your ideas flowing by writing down hobbies, colours & things you and your partner both love and from there on you can create a wedding which truly represents you or psst just tell your planner and we’ll do all the hard work ;)