Flowers Flowers Flowers! We all know the bog standard ways you can decorate your venue with just bouquets etc but I want you to discover with me the new ways of flower décor and making it unique for your own style & wedding.

For me, flowers are necessary to every wedding as they assist in creating a fresh atmosphere as well as having their own meanings. I’ve already discussed in a previous posts about bouquets and different ways of selecting which flowers you can choose, so this post will be about showing you new, exciting ideas which you could incorporate or adopt in your wedding!

So lets begin with some random unique ideas! (from left to right)

I simply adore this idea of filling tall vases with flowers right to the brim, with alternating shades! I think it’s a gorgeous way to display flowers and these can go anywhere within your venue. Whether they sit by the doors or around the aisle.

The over the top hanging centre pieces, I love this! The idea of having elaborate centre pieces is one thing but with the added hanging flowers just makes it that more over the top. With these you will not be needing many flowers elsewhere!

The gradient flower display is a gorgeous idea and yes it may not be over the top, but it’s another way to display an array of flowers in different shades. You don’t have to only do this with one colour, you can make it a variation of colours merging from one to another, like a rainbow

The cupcake flowers, not only can you have flowers but you can have deserts which look like your flowers! This idea is adorable and very clever having the icing manipulated to represent the petals of the flowers used in the display. This can be incorporated into your wedding cake as well!

The aisle stoppers! Now I think that aisle has to be more than just a corridor of faces, but also filled with intricate displays of flowers! Whether it’s petals running along the floor or trimming the edges, to hanging buckets! The more creative, the more exciting!

Different styles of vases to how the flowers is a great way of making your flowers look unique. From different flowers in different styled glass vases to hanging cages! You can get as unique as you like as well as mixing other elements such as candles, ribbons & crystals to truly create your very own display. Who really wants to pick something out of a brochure?

Get those creating juices flowing and discover new individual ways of decorating your venue!