Spring is fast approaching and as it is commonly the most popular of all seasons for weddings, I have decided to explore some stunning colour theme ideas to get you inspired. The pastel coloured theme is perfect for this season. Beautiful colours such as lilac, peach, soft apricot, peppermint, bluebell and lots of fabulous floral can be used to ensure your wedding is as romantic as possible. These colours could be used for flowers, decorations and bridesmaid dresses to ensure your ceremony is looking as lovely and lavish as possible. Here are some pictures I picked out to show you how pastels could potentially be perfect for your special day.


Above: The elegant ideas shown above indicate how gorgeous spring greens can be for a wedding. The potted plants and flowers show how well flowers can be used for table decoration.  Keeping in touch with the spring theme, you can gain a garden feel by using wooden flower pots and candle holders which look beautiful when combined with stunning flowers. How about trying something unique like the beautiful flowers suspended in glass bottles as shown in the first picture?


Above: Peach and pink hues are quite clearly the epitome of love and romance when it comes to weddings. They fit so perfectly into the spring theme and by combining them with beautiful cream colours your wedding will poses a tranquil elegance. Tulips come in to season in early spring and as you can see from the picture top right they look exquisite in a bouquet. The use of candles also emphasises the romantic spring theme and twinkly lights can be used for this as well.

What is important is that your day is as special and heavenly as it could possibly be. I personally absolutely adore the colours of spring as they place emphasis on the romance of your wedding day. You could also take advantage of some of the beautiful flowers which are in season at this time too, such as: Hyacinths, snowdrops, iris’ and cherry blossom.

These little touches will enchant your guests and create a beautiful backdrop for your spring wedding!

All images taken from Pinterest


Written by: Augusta Henning


Edited by: Laura Nikita Mitchell