With summer fast approaching wedding season is just around the corner.   Many brides will be in a rush to go out and find that perfect dress, but what about the grooms?

The grooms are often left out even though it is just as important that they look good on their big day.   Women tend to have a lot more guidance and help with picking their perfect wedding dress and they have so many different designs to choose from. It’s sometimes harder for the groom to find the perfect suit that is; modern, stylish and comfortable.

Well not to worry, here are a few tips and ideas for the groom to find the perfect suit!!

All Blacks                                                                    All Grey 

This is great for the guys who want to go for a sharper less traditional look, which still remains the essence of the occasion. These suits are all sharp, classy and sophisticated. The value in these suits lies in the material used and the skill to which they are cut and made. This is perfect for the more modern ceremony.  The great thing is that you can opt for all black, white or grey to get that edgy look.


The Three Piece Suit

There are many varieties of the morning suits for the groom to choose from. These are normally more traditional and great for the church ceremony. The suits vary in style a little. All of them are suitable for a traditional wedding ceremony and the biggest decision it whether to have tails on the jackets.  There are a variety of cuts including traditional and slimline.  This is a classic stylish wedding look that is guaranteed to impress the bride.

Something unique

For all the grooms that have a unique sense of style; you’re in luck! This season we are seeing more non-traditional wedding suits. Whether you like the preppy look, or the sleek look or just the plain simple look, this season anything goes! There are a variety of styles out there; it’s just a matter of finding the style that’s right for you.  You could also opt for an original accessory like a hat or a pocket watch to add something different to your suit.


There are a vast range of designs and colours to choose from and you can choose a pattern you like and pair it with your favourite colour tie. There is always something out there for everyone, the variety and style are endless and this is an area where you can express yourself a bit more.  It is also something that is often made to complement the bridesmaids so everyone looks brilliant together on the big day!

Cravats, Ties and Bow Ties

One of the most important elements in completing the groom’s look is his choice of tie, cravat or bow tie. This will defiantly be the centre piece of the whole look. You can wear a tie, Cravat or a tux bow, all of these are great for a wedding and they are a total must! The great thing is that you can buy a Tie, Cravat or Bow Tie in many different colours and fabrics, you can be expressive and unique in your choice.

One tip is to remember; whatever you choose you make sure it’s in a luxurious fabric such as silk and that it is well made and good quality as it will really show on the day.

Hopefully now you have a few ideas of how to get the look you want. You have a variety of options and styles to choose from and the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and happy, after all you want to enjoy your big day as much as the bride!!

Written by: Nila Sabar

Edited by: Laura Nikita Mitchell

Images courtesy of: http://www.asuitthatfits.com/