This sadly seems to be a part of a wedding that is overlooked and not given much attention in my opinion, yet it’s the most beautiful way to show off how much effort and care has gone into planning your day. Wedding stationary is, for me, one of the most import aspects to the best day of your life. You want your invitations, name places, menus and everything else to just ooze beauty. I’ve selected a few of my favourite Wedding stationary to share with you today. All of the work is created beautifully as well as being like nothing else out there in the wedding industry!

I simply love this idea for your wedding stationary. The laser cut stationary is beautiful and has the added effect with the play on lighting shown in the bottom row of images. It’s all very vintage inspired so if you’re planning your wedding to have a vintage theme, these items are great as a first impression of your special day! The style of the name places are so beautiful and individual, you’ll definitely impress your guests with their name being cut into a delicate design.

This elegant selection of stationary are a personal favourite. Again Vintage inspired with a touch of elegance and class with the fonts & patterns. If you’re planning a suave wedding this style is perfection! I simply adore the idea of the retro cinema tickets as well as the repsond cards! How creative is that idea!

Next we have the most incredible Letterpress stationary. The simplistic styles & colours play off of the bespoke letter press designs. These truly make an impression with the gorgeous designs which are catered exactly to your own tastes! From name place cards to the thank you cards, you can have Letterpress carry on throughout your wedding stationary and it is a simply beautiful style to go with.

Now you can go for a completely individualised style and team up with a designer who will start from scratch with your wedding stationary. Whatever style you want you can have! Here, I am bowled over by the folded up map created cleverly with intricate designs as it opens up! how great of an idea is this for directions to your venues?! It’s so exciting how creative you can actually get with your stationary, showing off your personal style which will carry out through your wedding!

Remember to tie in any colour themes with the stationary, flowers and décor of your Wedding. It’s the simply the easiest and best way to keep an on going flow through your celebrations. It also makes life easy for you if you decide on a colour palette, then whenever you are making decisions you can refer to your palette!

Final plea, please remember Wedding stationary! It is such a beautiful and artistic way of styling your wedding & and showcases the beautiful stationers work as well!

First impressions are always important and make sure yours is the BEST!


Row 1 & 2 – Source : Boris & Dorris

Row 3 & 4 – Source : Emma Jo

Row 5,6 & 7 – Source : Farrel & Chase

Row 8, 9 & 10 – Source : Leaff Design