He finally proposed and you’re going to spend the rest of your life with the man of your dreams. Congratulations!

Your wedding invitations need to set the tone for future celebrations and stylishly announce the new and exciting journey you’re about to embark on. There are so many ingenious ways in which you can create your invitations – the choices are endless.  We have come up with four imaginative options to help you tell the world that you are the luckiest bride alive.


CD or Video Invitation 


Why not send your loved ones a personal message and place your invitation on a CD? Whether it be an audio track or a video montage, allow your guests to keep this as a special memento for your upcoming day! 



Photographic Montage Invitation

Don’t just tell people how you feel; let them see it with a series of romantic photographs. Get snappy happy and allow guests to visualise your day with a single photograph or a photographic montage.



Business Card Invitation



They’re neat, they’re compact and besides being absolutely adorable, they’re very professional. Create your own wedding day business cards and give them a magical twist by adding a “seed of love” in with the message. Guests will be able to grow their plant and watch it flourish along with your relationship.


Message In A Bottle Invitation


If we’ve not read Nicholas Sparks, we’ve seen Kevin Costner and Robin Wright on the big screen and whilst you might not want to send your declaration of love out to sea, you can use this tradition to inspire romance and turn your wedding into a starry-eyed film classic.


Written by: Kirsty Canning


Edited by: Laura Nikita Mitchell


all images are taken from pinterest.